What are Digital marketing tools _

What are Digital marketing tools?

What are Digital marketing tools? In the world of e-marketing, tools occupy very special importance and position, Perhaps a person can survive for some time without using tools, As for those who rely on the Internet or online tools.

At this blog, you will find the primary tool of every section in digital marketing which includes:

  • Content writing.
  • Search engine optimization tools for websites and YouTube.
  • Social media and content marketing.
  • Content creation tools for video and design.

For every case there is a solution, So, you can choose the tool as your project need. This is the core of the business and almost nothing can be done without them.

Digital marketing tools

Digital Marketing: Content creation tools

Content writing needs some tools for several tasks and the most needed basic tools for content writing is the following:

  • User experience measuring tools: This kind of tool is a software or online website or a plugin for websites and browsers. These tools are useful for writing and used to review content to apply some criteria to your content like finding plagiarism paragraphs, writing and grammar mistakes, content readability, etc.

The results from using these tools are different from one to another like social media content writing and blog content writing. Criteria here are different.

So, try to add your special criteria for content to specify your most useful tool.

Content writing tools

  1. SEMrush: online software for content readability, search engine optimized content, Social media content writing, and publishing on social media, Also it’s perfect for Domain and Competition analysis.
  2. Grammarly: Browser extension plugin.
  3. Plagiarism checker.
  4. Internal plugins for WordPress websites for SEO and content writing like RankMath and Yoast plugin.

Designing tools

The design purpose is different from one to another, some is using designing tools for websites and applications and there are some is used for social media design or YouTube thumbnails, etc.

For UI UX design

UI UX designers are using the following tools:

  1. Adobe XD.
  2. Flaticon.
  3. Figma.
  4. Freepik.
  5. Also, Adobe XD plugins are very useful and helpful for UI UX designers.
  6. Adobe Illustrator
  7. Adobe photoshop.
Social media design

But social media and other digital image design like social media design tools are the following:

  1. Canva.
  2. Freepik.
  3. Adobe Illustrator
  4. Adobe photoshop.

Also, both types of digital designs have to use one or more inspiration platforms like Behance and medium to show their work and to import design creative ideas from different countries and cultures.

Digital marketing: content marketing tools

Search engine optimization tools

To optimize your SEO, you have to care to both SEO types on-page and off-page in the following processes, Page audit, domain authority, and content audit.

  1. Uber suggests for SEO expert Neil Patel this website used to audit your website, issues, keywords, and rank in search engines also you can use this tool for a browser extension.
  2. Screaming frog software, it’s one of the best tools to audit your website to check and crawl your website’s internal and external links, also it’s very useful for advanced audits to check links that are not found or navigate to error pages.
  3. Also, you can use an internal third-party plugin on your website to manage your on-page SEO, like WordPress plugins Yoast and RankMath.
  4. For YouTube SEO, you can use the Tube Buddy extension for YouTube channels to check and improve your video SEO and to receive important instructions to improve your video rank on YouTube and Google search engines.
  5. Search volume: know more about keyword search volume before specifying your targeted keyword.
  6. Google Trends: get daily trends by using Google trends and specifying the targeted language and country.
Social media tools

Social media is an essential channel for content marketing. You may feel it’s difficult to manage many social channels and many account pages so, you can use one of these tools to manage your social media different accounts to do the following:

  • Scheduling posts.
  • Publish in more than one social account at the same time with one click.
  • Hashtags and high-demand keywords.
  1. If you are using Facebook and Instagram only for publishing and e-marketing, you can use the Facebook business suit, it’s a very useful and easy tool for social media.
  2. Publishing in more social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Reedit, etc. Use Hootsuite, it’s a very useful and helpful application to manage more than 2 accounts. You can schedule posts by using it easily.
  3. For popular keywords and hashtags applications, check this article.
  4. Buffer: This tool enables you to easily manage all your social media accounts from one place, with a lot of capabilities that make marketing through social networking sites easier and faster.
    It gives you the ability to manage 3 accounts completely free of charge, and it is one of the best digital marketing tools.
Email marketing tools
  1. Mailchimp:
    • A tool for creating a mailing list for those who use email marketing. There is a free plan that gives you the ability to create a mailing list of 2,000 emails, and the ability to send 120,000 emails.
  2. Alternatives for email marketing A weber and Mail poet, especially if you are using the WooCommerce plugin.
Advertising and media buyer tools

These types of tools could help you with market research, information or competition research, etc.

From Advertising tools, the following:

  1. SEMrush this website is helpful to collect data about competition and some necessary demographics, especially when you are using Google Ads because SEMrush is providing big data about indexing and websites.
  2. Ad beat website which is providing search to find competitor ads or domain ads.
  3. Google Ads.
  4. Facebook Ads.
  5. Twitter Ads.
  6. LinkedIn advertising.

They are specialized services provided by some websites to e-marketers, some of which are paid and some of which are free. These services are very essential in performing tasks accurately, quickly, and saving time and effort, to help succeed and achieve goals.

Digital marketing: Website creation tools

To create a website you will need some resources and services for example hosting service provider, domain name, an SSL certificate.

Also, Web design, search engine optimization, analytics for page views and source of views, Coding tags, and third-party products and services.

So, let’s say more about website tools.

For simple landing pages for one product

Google pages

it’s one of the new Google advantages which helps marketers and other people who require one page or more to create it easily just by drag and drop, this way is very easy and suitable for beginners because you don’t need to have any website creation skills.

Reach this tool from sign in to your Google Drive and press on + or add an icon, after that chosen page.


Mailchimp is near to Google page and easy to use, but it has fewer advantages than Google pages.

IMG 20211123 WA0002


These digital marketing tools enable you to create a great landing page, with a lot of features such as compatibility with all mobile devices and computers, ease of modification without using code, the ability to test more than one version of a landing page, and many other features.


The volume tool is the best and most popular campaign tracking tool in the affiliate marketing world, especially for marketers who get huge numbers of visitors.

An accurate and easy-to-use tool that will help you track your advertising campaigns to optimize them to get the best results.

IMG 20211123 WA0001

Google Analytics

A great tool provided by Google to site owners, through which you can learn accurate data of your site visitors. And then make decisions to improve the performance of your site better.

A completely free tool, but it is worth a lot for every website owner, as it provides you with everything you need to know about your site.
It is worth noting that this is one service, out of many that Google provides to website owners completely free of charge.


How to create a WordPress website step by step
(Suggested article)

A completely free tool that enables you to build your site without any coding skills. With a little effort, anyone can deal with WordPress, and create their site with ease and in record time.

This is in addition to many great WordPress plugins, available in the WordPress store, which give your site a lot of important features and features.


This free tool also enables you to shorten your site’s links, for shorter and better-looking links. You can share it on social networking sites so that it appears better in front of your followers.

This great tool also allows you to track and analyze your visitors (it will give you accurate data on who clicked on the short links).

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