Facebook Business suite advantages

Facebook Business suite advantages for social media marketers

Using Facebook Business suite advantages may save your time if you are using application or web it is a useful tool to publish and share on Facebook and Instagram, The social media marketers always using this tool to collect data from reports and to share posts and stories.

Facebook business suite is providing many benefits to manage you Facebook pages and Instagram account specially for business, and I will introduce the benefits that make and marketers using this application or web to manage social media.

Advantages of using Facebook business suite

Looking to use Facebook Business suite, you have to know more about its benefits and advantages that will make you in need to use it for many reasons at the first reason is to save time.

1- schedule posts and stories for Facebook or Instagram or both

Many people really need this advantage to schedule posts and stories, that’s for sharing in the right time, Also Facebook or Instagram when you press schedule it will suggest a time and date that your followers will be active.

To choose the right time to share the posts, you have to use insights of your website, for example or try to explore your followers by testing publish in different time and finally specify the time the most are active.

Also, there are tools to know when your followers and consumers are active in Facebook and Instagram, and we will talk about it later, just make sure you are following us (Sign-up Newsletter).

2- Insights

Insights page is very useful which will give you a chance to know more about your followers, for example what they like?, what is to make them engage?, Also what is to call them to take an action like make a purchase?.

Facebook Business suite advantages in insights page is many as you can know more about your potential users interested in to run Facebook or Instagram advertising successful campaigns.


Also, At the same page there is the gender of followers and the average of their age.

I think until now, the only way to share a link on Instagram or Facebook is to add the story from Facebook Business suite application or web.


By adding link to story you will get more traffic and conversion, maybe more than 50% of the story viewers are going to check out the link in the story, this number is from my using experience.

4- Automate messages on Facebook or Instagram


This advantage is available on Facebook business suite web only and not available until now in the mobile application.

This advantage is very useful for all business, I think when you make it easy for someone interested to find the question that he want to ask is already available in one click without writing any words.

Also, to get the answer in less than 2 seconds is useful also to continue and get more information, like the customer asked to make a purchase.

So, he clicked on I need one product for me, and he got the answer to let please your name, address and phone number, So, you have done now a successful say with automated messages without effort.

Feel free to contact us if you need an automated successful sales messages.

5- Manage more than page on Facebook and Instagram

You can change page to manage easily in some clicks, Some of the marketers who are managing more than one page in need of this advantage to use more than one page.

6- Manage inbox

Managing inbox and messages in page is very easy at Facebook Business suite, you can sort and specifies every consumer or client what he is interested, his phone umber, address, Name or Nickname and all other details that may help you to manage your data on Facebook and Instagram.

This advantage may make you not in need for CRM Customer Relation Management If you are using social media only and not using website marketing or Email Marketing.

7- Manage jobs


Easily in a few steps, share job application and receive requests in rush, coordinate the job application easily without any efforts.

8- Add a role or edit a role

Some people when we ask them to add a role they didn’t know how to add a role or how to edit them, If they are using Facebook business suite it’s more easy to do.

9- Add products to Facebook or Instagram


Adding products or service to Facebook is easy, but Instagram have some rules to not make it easy to sell products on its shop, but you can do it only if you are using an E-commerce platform like Ecwid or Shopify.

Instead of that, it’s easy to add a product or service for sale by using Facebook business suite.

10- Manage appointments reservation


Many people knows that they can make an appointment system by Facebook wich will help them to lead more conversion.

And by using Facebook business suite you can manage your appointments easy with very clear platform.

Download Facebook Business suite

You can open it by web https://business.facebook.com

For download application for Android or iPhone.

Facebook business suite is an easy application to use you don’t need a guide or topics to explain how to use, Facebook UX Design is always perfect.

All that you need to use Facebook business suite is to know what it can do to help you on managing social media.

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