WordPress Hosting


  • Fast Hosting servers.
  • 30 Gigabyte SSD.
  • Unlimited bandwidth = unlimited visits for your website.
  • Free cPanel.
  • Disk Space: 3 GB.
  • File inode up to 10,000 files.
  • Host 1 website.
  • Money-back guarantees 30 days.
  • Return and refund policy.
  • Full access to your host by using cPanel.
  • Move your website from old host to new host for free in 3 working days (for annual).
  • Good price and high quality.
  • Assistant for help and inquires.
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WordPress hosting, the best host for WordPress websites you can manage your website database and files easily without any effort.

WordPress Hosting advantages

  • Fast server loading, server response TTFB is less than 1 second.
  • Servers located in the USA.
  • Good price.
  • cPanel’s management for the website.
  • DNS zone.
  • Email setup.
  • Many applications for websites and work.
  • My SQL databases.
  • PHP My admin.
  • Antivirus for emails and files.
  • Easy back-up.
  • Fast File manager loading, extracting, download and upload.
  • Apache for developers and application developers.
  • 7 Days free trial for demo test for any plan.
  • Unlimited bandwidth.

Create a new WordPress website

If you are new to creating WordPress websites, you can buy WordPress hosting to create your first website and ask our assistant to help you set up or keep it to us.

But you have to own a domain name and SSL for a better experience to start your website, and you need to know more about how to manage it.


At all these steps our assistant, services, and products will never let you alone, we’re always offering help to our customers and followers.

Move my old website from old host to WordPress hosting

To move your website from host to another you have to follow the following instruction, If you are feeling it’s hard you can ask our assistant to that for you at the first time.

Steps to move your WordPress website from old host to another new

  1. Download database file.
  2. Download Public.html file after compressing to ZIP file.
  3. Check your database files and Public.html file and make sure it’s not less, and it’s complete.
  4. Upload files to the new host.
  5. Change your domain server name from the old host server to the new one.
  6. It will take 2 days maximum for your website to work properly again.

You can ask the assistant to do these steps for you safely and trusted for free, Just add a new user for your old host, and we will move your website in one day, and there are 2 days for the domain server name to read the new server.

WordPress hosting pricing

Our pricing starts from $4, and you will get 15 coins cashback equal to 1 US. Dollar, You can make a purchase with it or withdraw after you achieve 75 coins.

So, WordPress pricing is different for monthly, quarterly, or annually.

$4 once paidMonthly
$10 once paidQuarterly
$35 once paidAnnually


How to test WordPress hosting for a demo?

You can test and try our hosting plan by making a purchase for 1 month, You will get cashback, and you can return and refund WordPress hosting if it’s not working properly, or you are facing any problem.

If you feel comfortable with our WordPress hosting, you can continue with our hosting and write a review for us.

WordPress hosting support

We are offering 24/7 support called “assistant” you can find on any page above the footer, they will help you to solve problems and support your business.

Our assistant is an expert to help you in hosting, website management, and digital marketing in different fields.

Once we know your problem, we will offer the solution directly. If you felt unuseful, you can go to contact directly, and you will receive a reply in the shortest time.

Return and refund my WordPress hosting plan

You can easily go to the return and refund page and fill the form after we receive your message to return a product or service, we will reply to return and refund.

And If there is any loss due to our products or services, we are ready for compensation. That’s as we are working and providing our products and services to B2B business which is every payment means a value to the business.


Monthly, quarterly, Annually


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