What is it top tools for youtube videos?

What is it top tools for YouTube videos?

What is it top tools for YouTube videos?  Shooting a YouTube video is not as complicated as it needs good photography. This depends on the photography tools that you use to shoot vlogs permanently, here are the tools for YouTube videos available at reasonable prices that will make your videos more professional.

Kinds of YouTube videos tools

  1. Videography: It’s the tools that you need to take video shots and video creation.
  2. Video Edit and resources: This kind of tools like effects, sounds, special video shots and programs software to edit your YouTube video, before you upload video to your YouTube channel.

YouTube video tools for videography

We will mention in the following lines Tools for YouTube videos in detail:

Flexible Gorilla Tripod

The days of fitting your camera to books or to a table are over, once you start a YouTube channel project it’s time to invest in a budget travel gorilla tripod.

You can use it as a tripod or selfie stick because it is one of the best tools for YouTube videos, with a flexible base that can be installed almost anywhere. You’ll discover that the Gorilla pod tripod from one trip will benefit you in almost every shooting situation as you get creative with its use.

Shotgun Mic Mountable Camera Microphone

The audio can raise or lower your video channel. With sound quality, interested viewers will still learn more about you and your interests or opinions.

And know that your followers may withdraw from your channel for any technical glitch in the audio because they will listen to you and any disturbance in the audio performance will make them stop doing so.

This is why an on-camera microphone like RODE Video Micro is worth every penny.

This microphone instantly raises the volume, with the undercoat isolating the sound of the wind to help you maintain quality outdoors.

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Gimbals Anti-vibration

I know what you’re thinking – DSLR and mirrorless cameras are rarely a good fit for someone who wants to start a YouTube channel. Correct. But, you can still repeat shots that move smoothly with an anti-shake designed only for smartphones.

Smartphones take impressive video footage these days, so if you’re just getting started, why not replicate that cinematic footage with your iPhone’s 4K footage, and combine it with DSLR footage in your videos.

Smartphone dampers such as the CLAR 3-Axis Handheld Gimbals are available for about $100.

Ring Light

Have you ever wondered how professional bloggers get soft, natural light? In some cases, the light is normal because it uses tools for YouTube videos, but most of the time it is a ring light. Circular lights abound across TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube.

These portable lighting kits, such as flash point Photo/Video 19″ AC Powered 55W 5500K Dimmable LED Ring Light, will make your videos look more professional with a simple flick of a switch. Ring light is bright, soft, and less shadow with studio-quality results.

IMG 20211122 WA0003

Prime Lens

These lenses are usually expensive, but there are types of them that are very cheap, such as the 50 mm lens with f1.8 aperture of all brands. Investing in a high-quality prime lens will make your vlog footage more attractive and sharp.

The prime shots are amazingly sharp, with an aperture that ensures blurry or bokeh backgrounds. The video blogger appears in front of this background very sharply. As a Sony Alpha user, the Sony 24 mm F/1.4 lens and the new Sony FE 20 mm F/1.8 lens are what fascinate me.

Investing in a wide lens is a great first step, this gives you versatility for vlogging, and supplemental B-roll shots, with great low-light capabilities thanks to the aperture.

YouTube video tools for video edit, effects, sounds and special shots

The best online tools to edit your video and add resources is easy today, there are many websites that’s providing free and paid library of effects, photo’s, special shots, sound effects and music.


It’s providing an online software by using AI to create and edit videos in short time, It also contains a massive gallery of short videos, sounds, effects and animations.

It’s free for any user

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