How to make a WordPress website

How to make a WordPress website?

To make a WordPress website you have many choices and integrations, which will make you work smart to starting with a professional tool.
If you want to learn how to start a WordPress website platform follow this article until the end, we will try to provide all information to help beginners to start their first website on WordPress.

About WordPress platform

WordPress is the platform on which many websites are built, and it is an easy source for everyone who wants to create a website, and through the following article, we will show you how to create a professional website on the WordPress platform.

What is the WordPress platform, and what is it used for?

WordPress dashboard

  • WordPress is a site management system that creates content, which it is possible to create and manage a site with high efficiency especially in business from far.
  • WordPress is an open-source software system based primarily on the PHP programming language, as it is a program that is not owned by a company or organization, and it is completely free.
  • Also, it is developed by a selection of volunteer developers around the world, and anyone can go to the official website and then download a package contains basic files of the WordPress program, and he can upload them to the hosting sites that he uses, and then begins to design his site as he wants in a simple and easy way, and this is what we will explain in detail below.
  • Additionally, WordPress an easy tool to use doesn’t need programming skills to manage your website, but it needs another knowledge about WordPress websites.

How to make a professional website on the WordPress platform?

Domain, SSL certificate and host to start WordPress website

At the first, you need the following to start installing the WordPress platform on your site to manage the admin console easily, which will give you the ability to manage your website after you finish installing.

  1. Domain.
  2. Hosting.
  3. SSL certificate (to reach “HTTPS:” instead of “HTTP” only This “S” means secure to the visitor)

After you have a domain and host you can install WordPress now, let’s go more deeply.

Domain name

  • First, you have to choose the domain name, which is the name of your website, and it looks like this:
      • EX: www. your domain .com  (the name of your website or brand name, maybe it ends with, “.Net or “org”).
  •  Whatever method is used to create your site, it is necessary to obtain a domain name so that the site can appear on the Internet, as it represents your address on the Internet. Many hosting companies give you a free domain when you reserve hosting for a year, and most hosting companies have their own stores to buy domain names, but in any case, you need specialized and famous stores for selling domain names, here the most famous stores:

Some terms to manage a domain DNS

To not let you with a small knowledge you have to know about domain managing or the next idioms:

  • (DNS) Domain name system, the responsible system to save and manage domain data, the data are distributed to:
    • CNAME: used to redirect visitors to your website pages, from the domain (www. your domain .com) to IP for example, which contain the resources of website data that are on the server.
    • TXT: DNS text the record that allows the administrator to put text on your domain.

Web Hosting

It is a service that provides you with saving your site’s content files in one place to display it on the Internet, without subscribing to a hosting company, your site will not be able to appear on the Internet. And on using WordPress, there are two types of hosting:

  • Dedicated hosting for WordPress sites: It is WordPress hosting to start creating your WordPress first website and the advantage is that it includes the basic WordPress files ready, and all you have to do is create your site immediately after booking it.
  • General hosting: It is used for all types of sites, and you upload the WordPress file yourself and start setting it manually.

For the most famous hosting websites here, we’ve Bluehost, and we’re going to explain how to get your account?.

  • Visit Bluehost Hosting Homepage, then choose WordPress Hosting.
  • Choose the appropriate package after clicking on the WordPress hosting button, you will be taken to the appropriate package selection page, choose the package you want, and press the Select button. 
  • The higher the price, the better capabilities and features the package has, and you can find out by reading the comparison between packages under the Select button.
  • Then it comes to enter the domain name
  • Then the data is entered, payment is made, and the account is received directly.

WordPress installation 

You can now start installing WordPress, and there are two cases:

 The first way to install WordPress and launch

You have chosen a WordPress hosting type, in this case, you must:

  • Log in to your hosting provider or Cpanel to manage hosting and domains by entering your username, password.
  • Go to the WordPress Tools section, then click on the WordPress Installer icon to start the WordPress download process.
  • Choose the domain name you want to install WordPress on.
  • Click on the “Install now” button, and you will find the login information to your site (URL Login, Username, Password).

 The second case: (You chose a non-dedicated hosting for WordPress sites), and in this case you have to manually configure WordPress through these steps:

  • Log in to your hosting control panel by entering (username, password).
  • Open MySQL Database.
  • Create and name your database for your site.
  • After clicking on the MySQL Database tab in the control panel of your site, a page will open with all the data from the Database, at the beginning of which you can create a new database
  • On the same page below, go to the section on creating a username and create one
  • Upload the WordPress file by clicking the Upload button, and make sure to upload the file directly under the public_html path WordPress to the database you created.
  • Open the wp-config-sample.php file, then change the database data.  After decompressing the file, you will find among the WordPress files a file called wp-config-sample.php, select it and click the Code Editor button.
  • Download the WordPress file, a page will appear, enter the login data, and then click the enter button.

 Choosing the right templates

Once you have WordPress installed on your site, you have a WordPress site, but initially and traditionally.  In order to be able to make your site unique and control how it appears to visitors, you must choose a WordPress template that fits the content of your site that you want to show.

 There are two types of WordPress templates:

  • Free Templates

 They are templates created by volunteers and made available to everyone for free, and there are thousands of them on the WordPress site itself, and you can access them through your WordPress site control panel.

  • Paid Templates

They are templates created by people or companies, and they are mostly professional templates with a lot of features, and more effort has been made to develop them, and they are constantly updated, so you have to pay money to get one of them.

At this case the recommended website to get premium themes is themeforest the best website for WordPress themes.

WordPress themplates

Upload the most important plugins after make a WordPress website

WP Plugins are designed to expand the capabilities of WordPress and add new features and functionality especially to your site.  After installing WordPress, you can upload some plugins that enable you to fully protect your site, help you build it completely and increase its speed, for example WP Rocket.

Install at your new WordPress website the plugins that will help you to manage the website as you want like users login, SEO tools like Yoast premium and Rank Math pro plugin.

 Here are the steps to upload an extension to your site:

  • Log in to your site’s control panel
  • Click on (Plugins) in the side menu, then click (Add New), Or by this link:
  • Type in the search location the name of the extension.
  • The results will appear, including the addition to be uploaded.
  • Click on (Install) and then Activate (active).
  • The extension will appear in the black sidebar, where you can adjust it and activate its features fully or partially.

 Wp Rocket plugin 

WP rocket plugin is one of the most important plugins that you can use for only $5, as it increases the speed of your site, which brings more visitors by search engine, due to importance of accelrate website to rank in search engine results in Google, Bing and Yandex.

Also, accelerated websites are important for the user expierence, there is studies proof that many users leave the website if they waited loading time for more than 3 seconds.

Start designing your pages

you have to be in knowledge about UI/UX design to start designing pages and landing pages, at this case you can use elementor pro to improve your website design easily without any programming expierience just drag and drop.

elementor for WordPress website design

 The difference between UI and UX design

there is difference between the both UI and UX design, let’s define it more deeply, to own a good knowledge about website page designs.

 What is UX User Experience Design?

 Let’s start with the concept of UX means User Experience, and it is the most important and comprehensive as this field aims to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty about the product by improving the entire interaction experience between the customer and the product, it covers any product not a specific item.

 What is UI design?

On the other hand, the field of UI means the User Interface design and it is concerned with completely different aspects. It focuses on the visual form completely, and since this field also emerged with the emergence of the technical revolution, it focuses mainly on the visual form of the user interfaces of applications and programs and the interactive visual style of the elements.

 At the end of the article, we have shown you some important information about the famous WordPress platform, as it owns more than 41% of the sites around the world.

Now you can make WordPress website

If you feel it’s hard or need a help at any point, please feel free to contact assistant or contact us by using the next form to help at any point like:

  • Host.
  • Domain.
  • WordPress setup.
  • Plugins.
  • Themes.
  • UI/UX design.
  • Problems solve.
  • Consultation.
  • Instruction.

If you are not ready or want to rely on yourself, use our blog and choose website section or the section you are carrying about to get more information in digital marketing field.

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