What tool TubeBuddy will help you Growth YouTube

What tool TubeBuddy will help you Growth YouTube?

What tool TubeBuddy will help you Growth YouTube? It is a software add-on for Chrome Extension targeting content creators and channel owners on YouTube.

About TubeBuddy YouTube growth tool

This extension can be downloaded directly from the Chrome Web Store extension market, and then used for free to manage your channel and videos, but the free version offers a limited number of features.

The owner offers several types of subscriptions besides the free version at varying prices. What tool TubeBuddy Chrome extension will help you Growth YouTube Subscriptions and the difference between them via the pricing page on the official website.

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Quick access menu

After downloading and linking the extension to your YouTube channel, a new menu will appear at the top next to the search rectangle. This menu will make it easier for you to access several parts of the control panel simply and quickly from any page you are on.

Attractive stats

It is known that YouTube provides detailed and expanded statistics for each video you publish within the channel, and we have previously written about this statistics page and the characteristics it provides, but the problem is that you may get lost in the ramifications of those statistics.

The competition analytics feature in TubeBuddy tools for YouTube

There is also a feature to compare the performance between you and your competitors, you can make a comparison between channels or between videos.

You just have to click on the (Compare) icon at the top of the previous statistics box, then enter the ID of the competing video, What tool TubeBuddy will help you Growth YouTube to find in front of you a comprehensive comparison.

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Ready responses

One of the important features offered by this extension, especially for those who have large channels that receive a lot of comments every day, What tool TubeBuddy will help you Growth YouTube is the automatic comments feature.

Which are phrases and paragraphs that can be written in advance – via the control panel – and then respond to comments with those phrases and paragraphs with a quick click of a button, instead of Write the same response every time.

This feature is called (Canned Responses), and in the beginning, you have to create ready-made phrases or paragraphs suitable to respond to some comments.

Thumbnail generator

YouTube content makers know that the Thumbnail has a significant impact on the spread of the video and its access to many views. The attractive, distinctive image attracts viewers to the video and gives a signal to YouTube’s automated system that this video may be good and useful.

Which contributes to the spread of the video. More, but the problem is that not everyone has the ability to deal with design tools such as Photoshop professionally, so this add-on offers a good solution to this problem.

Lifting and publishing tools

When you upload a new video through the upload page, you will find a lot of new components that appeared after using this add-on TubeBuddy, including the (Upload Checklist) box that helps you remember all the tasks that must be completed before publishing the video.

What tool TubeBuddy will help you Growth YouTube such as writing description, the targeted keywords, activating the feature of profit from the video (Monetization), and emojis can be easily added to the Name and Description fields.

Reply via alerts list

You will be able to respond to comments directly from the list of alerts, that list that appears when you click on the bell icon (notifications) at the top, and it shows you the latest comments sent by subscribers on your videos.

You will find a new icon for a direct reply from within that list (Reply), you have to click on it, write comments and send it directly, and perhaps this is the fastest way to follow up on comments and responses especially if your YouTube channel is popular.

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It’s will increase your channel on youtube views by 200% by using embed videos and SEO strategy.


Especially those who have a wide audience and whose channel has hundreds of thousands or millions of subscribers, he really needs such tools to make it easier for him to manage his channel and communicate effectively with his audience.

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