AWeber Review Best Email Marketing Service

AWeber Review Best Email Marketing Service AWeber has a proven track record of support, winning several customer service awards in recent years.

You can get live support either via our 24/7 live chat, by phone from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET or via email.

To find out how effective and credible these claims are and if you should use them in your business, in our review of the AWeber email marketing service we’ll look at their plans, pricing, features, security, ease of use, and support.

Plans and pricing for AWeber Review

Plans and pricing for AWeber offers five plans based on the number of subscribers to your mailing list, you can pay monthly, quarterly, or annually, and if you want to pay quarterly there is a 14% price reduction, and 14.9% if you pay on an annual basis.

The cost varies according to the number of subscribers to your mailing list in your message, up to 500 subscribers cost $19 per month, while 10,000-25,000 subscribers will cost you $149 per month.

There are no setup fees, and all plans come with all the service’s features included, even a 30-day free trial, but one thing you should be aware of is that people who have unsubscribed from your mailing lists still count toward your total number of subscribers. Additional fees You must manually delete unsubscribed users.

Also, there is free plan for less than 500 subscribers.

Features of AWeber

AWeber can also be used to create landing pages without having a website if you need to build an online business quickly, and email content creation can be automated by sending an email whenever you publish an article on your site.

  • Smart design.
  • Drag and drop deaign tool.
  • Huge pre-built themplates.
  • Automared Campaigns.
  • Smart Campaigns.
  • A/B Test.
  • AMP for emails.

AWeber email marketing review

Marketing emails that end up in the spam or spam folders are often a problem, but AWeber says it promises to ensure that your email campaigns reach the inbox of the intended recipient.

AWeber service settings

To launch your email marketing program with AWeber, you have to sign up for a free trial, you will also need to provide your credit card details, which means that if you decide not to continue with the service, you will have to remember to cancel your account before the end of the 30-day trial period.

There are no fees or payments in the free trial, just your credit to be seriously.

The form will be set for a quarterly subscription by default, but if you want to take advantage of the free trial for pro plan, you have to change it to monthly.

Or sign-up in free plan directly without any payments.

Security and Privacy on AWeber

Unlike some email marketing services, AWeber does not offer a great deal of security on its website, AWeber may be one of the oldest companies in the field of email marketing services, but the alternatives abound as well.

For a cheaper option, for example, Mailchimp will cost about zero per month for 2,000 subscribers and unlimited emails, If you are looking for

The page states that the company uses encryption, automated and manual monitoring, backups, and regular risk assessments, and also claims that its data centers have the ability to detect and mitigate DDoS attacks.

All accounts are constantly monitored for fraud or abuse, notifications of sensitive account information are sent securely, in addition, all employees undergo background checks prior to their employment and undergo regular security awareness training.

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