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How to get a free domain for my website?

How to get a free domain for my website? You can get a domain name for your website by the following steps without paying anything.

Free domain

There are some domain name service providers who are offering a free domain name, but it’s carrying the following names only:

  • cf
  • tk
  • ml
  • ga
  • gp
Free Domains
Free Domains

It’s also providing a paid domain who ends with .com, .net, etc. And its price is good compared with other domain name providers.

I got a screenshot for it’s prices for the paid domain, as I got a screen for free domains.

Paid domains
Paid domains

How to get the free domain?

Let’s start to get a free domain for everyone to get a chance to start building his website on.

First you have to log in to register in the domain name service provider website who is called Freenom.

Then and at the header menu you will find services, click on it and choose register a new domain.

There is a search bar will appear to add the domain name you are looking for, add the name of domain that you wish to get and press to check availability.

The results will appear, and you will find the free domains and then the paid domains in the bottom.

When you find the name you are looking for, press “get it now” button. And then checkout button will appear in up of the page.

checkout a free domain
checkout a free domain

And you will be automatically refereed to a new page called cart, now select the period you need this domain, but the maximum period in the free plan is 12 months only, select it 12 months and then press continue.

When you press continue go to review and checkout page, to finish your order it’s only $0.00 payments so, you don’t have to add a payment method to continue or to start your free domain.

Set up the free domain

Now it’s time to set up the free domain, go to client area if you didn’t refer to their automatically press on services and then my domains.

You will find the page which is containing all your domains at this website.

You have full control for DNS and name server to integrate your domain with any website like WordPress or Blogger.

We shared before for how to set up domain for blogger, or to set up domain for WordPress.

Free domain disadvantages

The free domains may also have some disadvantages for the user, like the following:

  • This type of domains doesn’t have a high domain authority like paid domain.
  • Due to domain authority it’s hard to reach the first pages of search engine by using free domain, you can reach the search engine first pages easier by using a paid domain.
  • Not accepted for advertising and publishers programs like AdSense for monetization.
  • You will need an SSL certificate which is paid or free, but it’s not added on the domain yet after purchase and this point is on all free or paid domains.
  • This free domains maybe known as untrusted in some platforms like social media, search engines and between users.

Free domain advantages and benefits

It’s cool to own a free domain (DN) and useful, but it’s only if you met one or more of these reasons.

  • If you lost your domain and your website is facing a problem for working properly.
  • You need to build your website first in a free DN, and then you will move it to another domain name.
  • You need to add a small platform to do something small like a game or function which will integer with another platform or website.
  • Want to learn how to set up domains and create websites, then at this situation you need to make it fully free website due to the purpose of learning and practice only.

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