Difference between AdMob and AdSense

Difference between AdMob and AdSense

Difference between AdMob and AdSense, AdMob uses each of these accounts to manage certain parts of your AdMob account AdSense We use AdSense to pay your earnings for ads shown in your ad units Google Ads We use Google Ads to manage the same company ADK campaigns that are Created in AdMob.

What is the Difference in AdMob and AdSense

In the following lines, we will mention what is the difference between AdMob and AdSense?

Google AdSense displays ad units on blogs and other types of websites in addition to YouTube channels, while AdMob is for mobile applications without websites.

Obtaining a Google AdSense account after registering a membership in the Google Earnings platform is very difficult because it needs to agree to the platform’s conditions by writing more exclusive articles and a non-punished domain, while AdMob does not need this difficulty as long as you have an application uploaded to the Google Store.

The shapes of the ad units are different in AdSense than on AdMob. In the first platform, you will find text and image ads or search ads, while AdMob is in the form of banners, posters, and even videos.

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AdSense is the main account

The difference between AdMob and AdSense, AdSense is the main account because it receives profits and the method of receipt can be controlled, while AdMob profits will flow into AdSense, meaning that mobile ads will be calculated within AdSense.

Google AdSense

Google is careful in biting the AdSense ads, that is, they appear after a period of publishing the article and visiting it to ensure that it agrees with the terms, while AdMob will get quick approval.

AdSense is more vulnerable to censorship than AdMob, so you can be punished and hide ads from displaying, while AdMob can get Google’s trust in the application for one time only.

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AdSense’s account for websites or publishers

  •  Where is the difference between AdMob and AdSense, it is wider and has very great potential than YouTube, where you can view the statistics of clicks and views, how the viewer’s behavior is the click-to-view rate, and much more.
  •  To check your account type, log in to the following extension Block Controls Content It shows you the exact category of your account and also the websites that have been reviewed and accepted successfully.
  • As for the liquidation of your monthly profits, it is known that at the beginning of the month, the profits of the entire month or the last month are added to the balance on the 1st of the beginning of each month, and these profits that you can withdraw.
  • As for the profits as a publisher from the AdSense account for websites, it is 68%, and the profits for Google AdSense are the remaining percentage, which is 32%.
  • Also, in this type of account, you can add more than one domain like the rest of the accounts, but after the latest update, Google is reviewing sites when adding your site’s domain.
  •  In addition, this account requires careful monitoring to gain AdSense satisfaction, and for the record, you can link more than one YouTube channel to the same account and work on them directly, and at the beginning of each month, their earnings are added to the same account.

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AdSense’s account for developers or applications, “AdMob”

  •  Difference between AdMob and AdSense It is considered a freeway like the rest of the ways to profit through Google, such as blogging and YouTube.
  •  The idea of this method of profit is to display Google AdSense ads on applications by creating an application.
  • Add your application to your AdMob account and place advertisement codes in the application.
  • After acceptance, advertisements appear and this application is uploaded to any application platform such as Google Play or any other site.
  •  And when you get active users, and you get profits by watching the active advertisement and also clicking on it, the profits are high if you have a very famous application.

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