Reach Google first page ideas

Reaching Google first page ideas

Reaching Google’s first page is the perfect goal here are some ideas to reach the first page. Some tactics make you able to find reach the first top 10 results let’s call attention to them.

First Google is a search engine which is providing searching for user and indexing for publishers.

Publisher need the traffic for different goals.

Traffic/user need information or navigational link to reach their goal.

Then if you are planning to reach the first page and top 10 results in google search you have to provide what the user needs due to his inquiry.

Here are the tips to reach the first page in the google search bug you have taken in the previous sentence in mind when you are writing or revising your content.

Provide a high value content

Of course, you heard before about writing or providing high-value content but the problem here is that some people think that high value is related to the count of words.

Value not only word count it’s the content, internal and external links, images, videos, and other elements to make your content more friendly for the traffic.

Off-page campagin

Always backlinks and social sharing is a useful campaign to reach the first page in Google search.

Backlinks will increase your domain authority and ranking especially if it’s from trusted domains +80 Domain authority.

Name images title and add alternative text

Image title and alternative text for images are very important for ranking especially if it contains the main targeted keyword of your blog or article.

Also, make sure to add a related image and high quality because indexing bots can see images and rate them.

Make internal links to related blogs but don’t put links on click here or any word telling traffic to take action.

Try to add an internal or external link to the word or more that is in the main target keyword.

Bonus rate

The bonus rate is important and indexes are overseeing your page bonus before it’s ranked because the bonus rate will clarify the importance of this page.

Use any search engine optimization software

Using search engine optimization software is important for ranking and website it will help you to know more about competitors, keywords that are most used in search keywords, SERP’s and issues in your website.

Some of the SEO software that you can use

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