How to Install WordPress

How to install WordPress?

To install WordPress on your server to launch your WordPress website in a few steps and may be taken about 5 minutes at maximum after you read these steps.

This step is important to make WordPress website at the third step of making Website on WordPress you have to install WordPress website on server host or local computer if you are going to test before launch.

Steps to install WordPress software on your host server manually

  1. Visit WordPress download page.

    Download WordPress software
    Download WordPress software

  2. After download is done you will find ZIP file, go to your host file manager or ftp server.
  3. Open your domain folder ( and upload ZIP file.
  4. After upload is finish, extract WordPress ZIP file on your domain folder after extract, change folder name from WordPress to Public_html.
  5. You are already downloaded WordPress on your host successfully, now you can start to visit your website by using

Steps to install WordPress by using cPanel

If you have an cPanel to manage your host, you can go to SQL page that is visible on your host sidebar or menu, if not you can ask your host support.

  1. After go to cPanel page, scroll down until you find software section.
  2. At software section you will find quick installation.
  3. Choose WordPress software.
  4. Finally, you will set up the website domain and settings.

To install WordPress on your local computer

You can install your website on local computer to work as server host, but you will use it to test your website before share and unable to share external of your network.

You have to install XAMPP to be able to manage your WordPress website from your local computer, and after you install XAMPP you can install WordPress and open your SQL to manage your website files, plugins, themes and coding.

Finally, you can manage every thing on your website after you install it successfully and setup.

After you started building your WordPress website offline on your local computer, you can share it by uploading files to host or import your Public_html file to host.

How to install XAMPP to download and manage WordPress website locally?

  1. Visit XAMPP download page and choose the suitable software for your device, it’s suitable for Windows, macOS and Linux.Download XAMPP to start WordPress locally
  2. Download, and install:
    1. Components choices: PHP MyAdmin and My SQL.XAMPP install components to start WorPress website locally
    2. Choose to install on C:/ drive.
    3. Start action for MySQL and Apache.Start SQL by using XAMPP
  3. Then will appear admin button in the side of MySQL, press admin button.
  4. At MySQL, start your website install by add new database, and Upload and extract WordPress ZIP file that you downloaded from the WordPress software link above.
  5. Now you are already started your WordPress website on the following file location: C:/XAMPP/htdocs/(database name)
  6. Visit your website by using the link: localhost/(database name) for admin page add /wp-admin to the website link locally or hosted.

Need help to install WordPress website on host server

If you are facing a problem or need a help to install WordPress to start your website feel free to use the next contact form for contacting us to start your website, installing, instructions, design, plugins, themes and solving problems.

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