How to create a successful YouTube channel

How to create YouTube channel?

YouTube channel is one of the most social media platforms users on the internet, with many users around the world watching YouTube for hours.

And, That’s returns to the creative AI (artificial intelligence) that YouTube is using to suggest the most related and video you are interested in when you open YouTube, or finishing video.

How to create YouTube successful channel?

To make a successful YouTube channel, you should have a target first and a plan to reach.

Many people want to enter YouTube for many reasons like earning money from AdSense or sharing news and topics to collect followers.

If your target is to earn money, then you have to calculate your estimated earnings from AdSense to measure the cost.

Your cost is in the content creation, which includes:

  • Script.
  • Video editing or creation. Recommended using Invideo pro tool for free video scenes and free sounds.
  • Sounds.
  • Designs.

YouTube channel creation steps

  1. Create a Google account.
  2. After you create a Google account, go to the YouTube website.
  3. Press on create my channel in the navigation bar above of website screen.Create youtube channel
  4. Then set up your channel and add the logo and cover photo for your YouTube channel.
  5. Don’t miss using the TubeBuddy tool for YouTube.
  6. Finally, add your first video.

Does it need experience or skills to manage a YouTube channel?

This question is frequently asked by many users, Of course, you have to get some experience to manage your YouTube channel and to be a successful channel.

The skills that are needed is the following skills:

  • Search engine optimization (SEO) skills: to appear when someone is looking for the content you are providing.

  • Content creation skills: to create videos and thumbnails for your videos.

  • Content marketing skills: includes SEO and social media management skills to attract more viewers and subscribers.

    What if you need a free consultation or paid to start your YouTube channel?

Kindly, you can get your free or paid consultation to start your YouTube channel successfully and grow up faster in your category.

YouTube channels categories

  • Gaming YouTube channel.
  • News.
  • Entrainment.
  • Comedy.
  • Learning and courses.
  • Informational.
  • Brand show.

YouTube income

YouTube is a video sharing platform providing an option to add third-party advertising content to your content video, but this option is only available after you pass the following conditions:

  1. Complies with YouTube channel monetization policies.
  2. To be in the country that YouTube partner (AdSense) is available.
  3. To reach 4000 hours viewing your content by public YouTube users, or on your website embed YouTube video at the first 12 months.
  4. Your channel has at least 1000 subscribers in the first 12 months.

After you accomplish these conditions, you can start creating your AdSense account and add-on your YouTube channel from monetization settings at your YouTube channel account.

Fill Form for YouTube channel creation consultation

You can fill the next form and add all your details about your YouTube channel that you are planning to start, and we will reply with a small quiz to make sure that you have enough resources to start successfully.

If you have any missing points, we will try to provide a solution to start your channel.

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