Calculate AdSense revenue calculator

Calculate AdSense revenue calculator

Calculate AdSense revenue in less than 1 minute, all you have to know if you are already have the publishing platform website or application.


Just get the following data from your AdSense or AdMob dashboard, it’s not sensitive data, or we don’t collect this data it’s only for you to calculate your AdSense or AdMob revenue.

AdSense’s revenue calculator

Use the following data to calculate your revenue right.

CTR Conversion-Through rate.

AdSense CTR

CTR means Conversion-Through rate, and it’s the result of impressions compared or divided into click-through ads.


The safe side of CTR is to be less than 50%, and it’s normal to be more than 3%.

CPC Cost per click

CPC means the Cost per click, and you will find this data on your AdSense dashboard.

It means the revenue

AdSense CPC


Ads impressions


  • AdSense impressions

This data you will find in your AdSense account dashboard as it’s shown in photos.

How to calculate expected revenue from AdSense?AdSense dashboard

Expected revenue is equal CTR * CPC * Impressions / 100.

You can calculate it manually or by using our AdSense revenue calculator it’s the same result.

This calculator is made to help beginners and juniors to calculate their expected revenue. Also, we use this calculator to calculate the revenue from the plans that we execute for our clients to increase their profit and income from AdSense, Safely.

About AdSense ads revenue

AdSense is an advertising company related to Google company, it’s allowed to publishers who have a website or YouTube channel and providing valuable content to put their ads in their channel or website pages.

The publisher will gain money or revenue for every action viewers take, like impressions and clicks.

Types of AdSense advertisements

These ads are provided in many types like:

  • Videos advertisement.
  • Text advertisement.
  • Image advertisement.