What is cPanel?

cPanel is the control panel for hosting administrator which help administrator to add new software on host database, to manage DNS and follow host usage.

How to go to reach your website cPanel?

cPanel is the abbreviation of control panel is located in your host if you are already using hosting or VPN or a server.

write yourdomain . Com / cPanel.

You can access by typing this link but add your domain name instead of “yourdomain”, with the same end of your website. If it is . Net or any other domain.

You have to input your administrator username and password.

If you don’t have username and password, go to your Control Panel or host service provider maybe it’s referral button in your host manager.

cPanel contains

  • DNS manager.
  • Email manager to creating @your domain (Professional email).
  • File manager.
  • Applications and software like WordPress.
  • Database.
  • Manage FTP account.
  • SSL/TLS certificate.
  • Backup manager.
  • Google apps.
  • Apache x2.

All the last things is not available on some hosting services providers, but it’s added to our hosting service.

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How to get a cPanel to manage my applications or software?

You can buy a host with control panel platform to save your time in managing your website or application with a platform contains all your software programs and host information.

Is cPanel a free resource?

It is used to manage host or server, If you have it the server administrator can add hosting accounts by using WHM software, to manage cPanel platform.

How to try cPanel for free?

You can try cPanel free trial from the cPanel official website. After 14 days from the trial registration, you will be referred to a paid plan.

But, you still need host or server for to manage space disk and to download applications or software.

cPanel pricing

It’s pricing for clouds starts from $15 for one host cPanel manager with WHM license until $32 paid monthly.

And for cloud and metal, pricing is $48 monthly plan.

You can get hosting with it for $4 monthly paid

We are offering WordPress hosting with cPanel (Control Panel for software programs) with price starts from $4 monthly and $35 annually.

The surprise is some of our resources are unlimited like bandwidth for high visits websites.

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