Social media design tools

Best Social media design tools

Best social media tools for design is the most important tools that you have to use to save money and keep the quality of work committee.

Saving time means you are able to have more other work time or free time, but also time is expensive today, every hour you have to use it usefully.

And in this topic we will give you tools for design, publishing, content write and hashtags.

Tools for design

Design tools

Designing by using photoshop and illustrator is really awesome but it take a lot of time and efforts to finish the design.

Canva free or premium

Canva application or website is used to make social media designs for posts, stories and cover for many platforms included the printing contents.

With many benefits to help you finish the design in short time and the most perfect way.

Why Canva premium version not free version?

Because premium version is more professionally included

  • all HQ photos
  • Remove background in seconds with one click.
  • All elements and vectors are free for paid version.
  • More effects.
  • Able to make awesome videos also free but paid have more options.

Plus the free version benefits of using Canva for designs.

Canva premium Pricing

Canva premium price at Canva website is $119.99 for the year, But we have a license for user by email selling it for $19.99 only for lifetime.

Photos, vectors and elements

There are a lot of websites that provide photos, icons and elements that may inspire your design and help to continue finishing design like

  • Vector
  • Free pick: for icons, elements, vectors and photos.
    • Free pick Free plan.
    • Free pick Paid plan.
  • Pixiaby
  • Theme forest for icons and elements.
  • Unsplash for high-quality photos taken by professional photographers.

Coloring solutions in design

Maybe, a problem you may encounter is to specify colors for CTA Call to action colors, Also we use it in UI/UX design and all design fields.

So, there is a tool we use it for social media design colors solution called hex-color the tool that you can use for specifying color hex, color RGB and the related colors.

But to test a color from logo or photo you have Canva tool solution to add the photo to design platform and the AI will specify photo or logo colors, to make it easy to copy hex or to save brand colors.

Canva tool provide this tool for color at any plan free or paid, it’s same.

Icons for design

If you are using a free plan in Canva or using other tool for design or software, there is a nice tool for this free icons or paid for massive gallery.

Adding Icons to design is traditional for introducing the brand and try to use Icons for every thing once to keep branding and choose one to use for lifetime or change a little after time.

But freelancers or agencies need many of icons for every client.

The website to get icons is Flaticon, not only this website you can edit or design yourself by using Photoshop or illustrator or sketch.

Short video tools

Video tools

To get a short video may take time or cost to take a scene that you want or to make video animation.

But there are tools to make it more easily to use, get your shots from more than 100,000 free video shots and effects.

This tool is online called In video you can get the premium account from our store In video premium account for lifetime plan.

If you need a design

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