How to design a creative youtube thumbnail

How to design a creative youtube thumbnail

How to design a creative youtube thumbnail? How to design a custom thumbnail for YouTube on the phone is one of the things that many YouTubers or content makers are looking for, especially those who use their phones to manage their YouTube channels, and today I will show you a practical application how to design a thumbnail on your phone easily through the use of a free application.

To design a creative youtube thumbnail?

Certainly, you have heard in many videos tips on taking care of the thumbnail design, and YouTube advises this all the time, so you are available to upload a custom design for your videos instead of those clips that YouTube suggests to you, which are some images taken from within the video that Is bad and does not explain what is meant by the video.

You can design a YouTube thumbnail by using Canva.

How to make a thumbnail for YouTube?

Lots of people are wondering How to design a creative youtube thumbnail? This is what we will explain now:

Select the correct size for Thumbnails in YouTube

If you decide to design an attractive image for your video, you should start by deciding the appropriate size for it. According to YouTube, the appropriate size for YouTube Thumbnails is 1280 x 720 pixels, and the minimum acceptable width for it is 640 pixels. The most suitable aspect ratio for it is 16:9, which is usually used for video playback.

Although this image appears in a small size, it must be taken into account that it is in the correct “large” size, so that it appears appropriately, especially when it is included (as embed) for videos of different sizes on other sites.

IMG 20211121 WA0014

Choose an image for the video

It is good to choose a high-quality image that expresses the goal or content of the video that you provide, as it represents the visual expression of the video, and you should not choose an image that is not related to the topic of the video, so as not to lose the confidence of followers, and you can use free image sites with high quality.

Add the face of a person in a nearby cadre

You can also add a person’s face in close-up so that his eyes are directed at the viewer as if he were addressing him personally, this eye contact attracts attention and encourages watching the video.

The more you master the Thumbnail, the higher the attendance of the video viewers, and this is the best answer to the question How to design a creative youtube thumbnail.

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Choose a picture that expresses a certain feeling

Emotions and feelings in pictures usually attract the viewer’s attention, to discover their cause. Therefore, one of the interesting ways to make an attractive picture is to have a strong and clear emotion such as a person laughing, crying, or jumping excitedly, and this is of course if it is appropriate for the content and subject of the video.

Somewhat unified

If you provide a series of related videos, you can unify the overall look of the cover photo, so that your followers will recognize it, and link them together. In terms of background color, writing style, format, color, and size.

When the form is unified, the viewer will recognize it and realize that it is following the same series that you have just by watching the picture. You can also add a serial number to the videos if they are complementary to each other.

IMG 20211121 WA0013

Add a few clear words

It is useful to add a title, or some words about the content, which motivates the viewer to open the video and follow it, but knowing that the image space is small, you have to choose the appropriate words.

Choose the background color

The viewer looks at the images of the different videos, to choose what attracts his attention to watch. Therefore, we have to choose the background color, so that the design appears clearly on it, preferably light and attractive color, and this is the best answer to the question How to design a creative youtube thumbnail.

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