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20 tips to increase AdSense revenue

Need to increase AdSense revenue?, follow the following tips and care about every point, try to save this post to remember every tip that will help you to increase your income from Google AdSense.

But first, let us deal that Google AdSense is encouraging content creators to improve and help users (traffic or who reads your content) more and more to find what they are looking for, or they are interested in.

20 tips will help you to increase AdSense revenue

  1. UI/UX design: which will make users like your website.
  2. The best post or video title.
  3. Choosing high-traffic keywords.
  4. Focus on specific keywords.
  5. Try to increase the information that you are providing, but to the user only.
  6. Make an SEO audit for your website and fix errors.
  7. Try to be unique in everything, especially content.
  8. Use internal and external links which will improve your SEO ranking, so traffic will be increased.
  9. Audit your website backlinks and try to keep away from spam backlinks or weak backlinks.
  10. Try to understand traffic and user needs.
  11. Improve your website load speed by removing unnecessary JavaScript codes and CSS.
  12. Go deeper into your niche.
  13. Content length will not make a difference, users will read more if it’s short and clear.
  14. Work with reports that you can get from Google Search Console and Google Analytics to understand traffic better.
  15. Use images and videos inside your articles.
  16. Improve your digital marketing skills, especially SEO, email marketing, and social media marketing.
  17. Make sentences short and useful.
  18. Use more headers inside articles.
  19. Focus on keywords to target.
  20. Make a plan to execute and put your target.

Discussion for increasing AdSense revenue tips

All the tips mentioned in the last topic is focusing the specific skills which you must have if you are planning to work with Google AdSense to earn money from writing articles and creating content.

The skills that content writer must have and all good practices in content writing will help you to increase AdSense revenue.

Importance of user experience and user interface to increase AdSense revenue

UI/UX (user interface and user experience) will make a difference in a sense of revenue, which will make your website looks better and more responsive to users.

Some examples of good practices in UI/UX:

  • The most simple is better.
  • Fast loading and speed of the website will make users spend more time so, it’s more RPM.
  • Less DOM to avoid users confused or lost in content, especially after loading ads.
  • Comfortable background, text, and heading colors.
  • Links in content are not in the same color of text or background.
  • Use 14 PX font size for text and choose your font carefully.

SEO to improve AdSense revenue

SEO (Search engine optimization) is the way that can increase your website traffic so, it’s more revenue or income from AdSense.

But SEO is not that easy to rank and to get more traffic you have to learn more about it and read the next good practices which will improve your page’s ranking.

Some useful tools to increase AdSense revenue

  • SEMrush website is useful to analyze your competition and your website keywords ranking.
  • Google Ads and Google Trends: this tools from Google will help you find trendy keywords which will give you the opportunity to get more traffic or views.
  • Tube buddy tool, YouTube SEO.
  • Canva website is a very helpful tools for free content without copyrights, which may cause some problems with AdSense.
  • Also, as I mentioned before, Google Analytics and Google console is providing a very helpful analytics to know more about your traffic interest.
  • Finally, Google News adding your website or YouTube channel to Google News will lead you more traffic.


Increasing AdSense revenue or income is not that easy way. There is a competition at every niche and every publisher have a competition but the way that will help you to pass this or make it is to improve your content first leaning on helpful tools who provide you useful information and saving your time.

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