Earn money from writing articles

Earning from writing articles

Looking to earn from writing articles join our publisher team and start earning per article daily.

Skills needed to earn from writing articles with zone1on are pretty simple we may do some corrections to your post.

All you have to do is to collect information make research in the digital marketing field.

Skills for writing articles and earning

The first 2 points are the most important and rated in earnings or payments.

Earning from writing articles payments

After every successful share of a post, you get the amount of the article in your wallet and you can withdra2 or spend in store.

Writing articles earning measurements

We measure the following from articles:

  • Word count.
  • Plagiarism report.
  • Search engine optimization.
  • Valued information.
  • Feature image (not a CC copy)

Earning estimated per article

$1 – $10 per article

How to join publishing team and start earning?

  • The first thing you have to get is a content writing quiz to rate your works.
  • After submitting the quiz we will add you as a publisher to start earning.


  • After you have an account on your dashboard you will find your wallet.
  • You can withdraw by the withdrawing button in your dashboard.
  • You can withdraw immediately after the money is added to your wallet.
  • The minimum amount to withdraw is 5$.
  • You can use the money in your wallet to make purchases from the store.

The highest-paid article you can write

  • Right information.
  • Useful information or providing a solution.
  • Rich content.
  • Short paragraphs and sub-headers.
  • 100% unique article.
  • No language mistakes.
  • HQ Media files.

Inquiries about earning and community

Any inquiries don’t hesitate to contact assistant from this link or assistant button in the bottom of every page.

After joining us as a publisher you will be added to our publisher’s community for discussions and corporations.

Publishers prizes

There are prizes every month for the top 10 publishers and they will choose their prize from a wide list of prizes like:

  • Amazon Gift cards.
  • Laptops.
  • Virtual gifts.
  • Cash prizes.

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