Earn money from writing articles

Earning from writing articles

If you are looking for earning from writing articles or blogs is very useful thing for mind and useful for earning money from writing articles, work need some skills will make absolutely advantages for you, your website you are sharing with and the reader.

Writing articles skills and tools

This topic need a lot of words to say, but I will try to make it short and specific as I can, So take the following skills:

Vocabulary knowledge

Using articles to transfer or move information from head or sources to the reader, you have to say the right word in the right paragraph.

Some mistakes will make the reader bored and not interested, So try to decrease mistakes as possible in language and writing mistakes.

To make sure you are writing good in Grammar, vocab and no mistakes we use a tool called Grammarly premium or free plan, but of course paid had more benefits.

Basic SEO skills for writing articles

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Search Engine Optimization on page

Some basics of SEO Search Engine Optimization, specially on-page SEO absolutely it will help you a day to increase your visits more organic traffic and the result in your goals.

Some basics of SEO skills is to write as search engines indexing bots like and easy for them to read, coordinated, fast and suitable for all devices.

SEO have more standards for professional or experienced as practice and learning to generate professionalism as a result of development. Other beginning’s end.

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.

By seneca at philosiblog

Tools for SEO

  • SEMrush for insights and reports.
  • Keyword tool for keyword suggests.
  • And Udemy to learn how to use this tools if you can’t make it professionally.

Website or the channel you show your work in to earn money from writing articles

Some of us like to write and may have followers in social platform or your blog, or you are keeping your writings private in word files and notes in your device, but they need a time to know how to use them for a startup.

If you don’t have writing skills or not sure and want to rate your writing skill take this quiz to rate your work and there is opportunity to join us as a content writer.

Start writing quiz

There are many ways to start your blog, follow up with services providers and follow up with advertising program like Google AdSense to earn money from writing articles.

Also, working as a freelance is profitable, but you have to be had a good skill at this job you can use freelancer platforms for this service.

You can also create your website channel to publish your content and to get followers to start earning from publisher advertising.

Advertising publishers platforms, you can apply with them to start earning

  • Google AdSense (publisher advertising)
  • Affiliate Programs.
  • Propellers ads.
  • Pop ads.
  • Media.net.
  • Info links.
  • Adversal.
  • Adsterra.

All that is advertising programs for publishers who have a website to share on blogs, videos and photos.

There are many ways to earn money from writing articles and this job today is profitable due to the increase of internet users, searches and social media explores.

There are many people interested in reading more about things they’re interested in.

Any niche today have its search engine different competition, some is easy and some is very difficult.

Ways to earn money from writing articles

  • Join us as a content write.
  • Start your blog and advertising.
  • Start your blog and affiliate.
  • Join a website for sharing AdSense earning.

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