Social media increase revenue

social media for content marketing

Social media for content marketing can introduce your brand and be very effective for hacking growth, by sharing content which consumers are interested in and it’s well met to searches, explorers consumers, and interested community.

Any social media platform or some have to cache retargeting, So if someone is interested and engaged in a brand in the same field, there is a chance to reach the interested people.

Social media to improve revenue for my business

Let’s take a feed, for example, someone sharing every day in his personal account jobs opportunities, How many people follow him to find an opportunity for a job?.

That’s what I mean, If you are sharing daily or weekly information about your business and opportunities, In the right way. Of course, you will get followers and contacts from people interested in something you provide.

Converting followers in social media to conversions

You have to choose a professional way to lead this operation, So you can know why these followers are here, what they like?, What is the difference between b2b to b2c in interesting? and let’s give them what they need.

Always the buyer wants to feel won every sale, So expect your customer do.

Save data about every customer or new connection.

The followers will be converted to contacts and from contacts to conversions, the buyer always following 5 steps.

The purchase 5 steps that customers follow to buy something and how is social media can help this sell to be done

  1. Problem
  2. Solve
  3. Compare
  4. Purchase
  5. After purchase services

problems: first step in customer purchase step

At this first step, the customer has a problem and he wants to solve this problem. For example, he has an idea for a software application and he needs a development team or agency.

Solve: the second step in customer purchase step

He found the solve or thinking about it, So maybe until searching he found some services providers or products wich can help him, He asked friends for suggestions.

End of this process or step when he found somethings can help him to solve his problem. For example, he finds 3 agencies providing application development services.

Research and compare: the third step in purchase steps

In this step customer found many brands or agencies or any item, Which can help him, but he is looking for something, you know? Like you when you want to buy sneakers.

Compare prices, reviews, Quality rate, and other benefits to push him to buy. But at this step, there are different criteria between customer to another. Every customer have something he care more some is caring price and other care the quality or time more.

Purchase: the fourth step in purchase steps

At this step the customer already takes a decision to buy, and he is already have a deal with someone of providers of his problem solve.

The important point to make a good feel at this step to the buyer (If you are seller / selling).

After purchase services: the fifth step and the last in selling steps

After customer purchased he try to rate your service and product, take care of this last topic, product and services.

Like you have an Application for IOS mobiles, It solves a problem to me so I downloaded, I found a problem in this application like I cannot fill a form, So provide support, I want to ask about something before using the application.

So the support is one of services you can provide after selling, Also Guaranteed money back, etc,..

Finally at this step he rate your whole sale (products and services) to add a review or rate your business / brand , Or gonna reffer a friend or tell someone positive thing about you.

so, finally how is social media can help you for this 5 steps?

I am asking you!, How many task at this steps would be done in wonderful way If you are following social insights, reports, analyzing and feed thim as they expect.

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