How to accelerate your WordPress website

How to accelerate your WordPress website

How to accelerate your WordPress website, One of the most common questions regarding websites is how to speed up a website? as it’s really important in improving your site’s performance, in this article, we will go over the best ways to get an accurate website.

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Why do we need to accelerate our websites?

Your site is fast, which means that its performance is great and you aspire to the best results, Is it important for my site to be fast? and How to accelerate your WordPress website?

There is a study confirming that site speed is the second most important feature after site security for Internet users. And Amazon has found that site speed has a great impact on sales;  they found that returns are 1% higher per 100 milliseconds.

How to accelerate your WordPress website?

Choose reliable hosting

Most of the problems start with the hosting, as most hosts do not provide the requirements that WordPress needs to function properly.

Many hosting companies announce on their sites that they support WordPress, but unfortunately, they offer poor memory or bandwidth packages or provide old servers with expired versions of PHP and MYSQL, or you divide one server into hundreds of subscribers and thousands of sites, and as a result of all that you have a site with poor resources, and heavy browsing, so you have to choose a suitable hosting.


Use appropriate templates

  • The template has an impact on the speed of your site; Because it is completely relied upon to display the content of your site.
  • Choose a powerful WordPress theme, provided by a company, team, or developer who cares about keeping it up-to-date and developing; To get a professional website, accelerate your WordPress website and at the same time you get the features you aspire to.
How to accelerate your WordPress website
How to accelerate your WordPress website

Remove unnecessary additions in your work

  • We all love plugins, as they add new and wonderful features to our sites, but if a comparison is made between a fast site and a site with twenty additions, the customer will choose the faster one, so you should note that you lose visitors whenever your site is late in the opening; So the fewer plugins the faster the site, why? Let’s explain why.
  • Each extension adds style, java, fonts, code, etc. files.
  • These files are called individually every time a visitor visits your site, or a page is opened, and you can imagine the burden. In addition, a large number of plugins in most cases does not mean a better site.
  • But in many cases, these plugins conflict with each other or provide unimportant features that distract the visitor and distract him from your content, or make managing your site more difficult and take you time to maintain, update and adjust its settings so, accelerate your WordPress website choose plugins that are reliable and carefully programmed, and at the same time try to be just as needed.

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In the end, we have provided you with several golden tips through which you can increase the speed of your site or blog on WordPress, as the speed of the site is one of the main factors in its success.

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