The most important SEO basics for your website

The most important SEO basics for your website

The most important SEO basics for your website, SEO is as much about people as it is about search engines themselves, When you can identify these things, you will be able to connect users who are searching on the Internet with the right solutions offered by your website.

The most important SEO basics for your website

In the following lines, we will mention the most important SEO basics for your website in detail as follows:

You can undoubtedly apply some SEO basics if you like, but you can also get help from a professional in the field if you wish, and either way, it will benefit you.
Through a process known as “crawling and indexing”, then arranging them within the results according to their match with the search request or phrase in a process we refer to as “ranking”.

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What are the organic search results?

  1. Organic search results are those that are obtained through a process of SEO, which is not paid (not advertising). It was easy to locate these sites.
  2.  But as the way search changes change, how can we discover free results today?
  3. Today, search engine results pages – often referred to as “SERPs” – are filled with more dynamic and advertising result formats (called “SERP features”) than we’ve seen before.
  4. Some examples of SERP features are “featured snippets” (or answer boxes), People Also Ask boxes, images, etc.
  5.  New SERP features keep coming up, very much in line with what people are searching for and these are the most important SEO basics for your website.

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Why is SEO important?

  • If you are interested in writing content and seek to work in this field, you have undoubtedly heard a lot about SEO, or what is known as search engine optimization in Arabic or SEO.
  •  Perhaps you tried to read about it, but you were surprised by the huge amount of information about this concept that made you feel lost.
  •  Not only that, as SEO is the only online marketing method that, if you use it well, will bring you continuous profits and always satisfactory results.
  •  If you put relevant content that deserves to be shown on the search results page for a suitable keyword, your site traffic will increase over time for free.
  •  Whereas, content marketing by other means requires constant payment of money in order to increase traffic and the number of visitors.
  • And even though the different search engines are getting smarter, they still need your help.
  •  In short: SEO has about 20x more free traffic than PPC on mobile and desktop.
  •  Black Hat SEO strategies may actually achieve higher numbers, but they still put your site at risk of being penalized and banned by search engines, and your site may even be removed completely from search results pages, and this may cost you huge financial losses.
  •  Be sure to avoid them and stick to sound strategies and techniques.
  •  Although these tools are different and diverse, they all follow a key rule: don’t try to deceive search engines, and instead do your best to give your users a great online experience. By following the general guidelines and fulfilling the User Intent because it is one of the most important SEO basics for your website.

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