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Canva pro license cheap price lifetime

Canva pro license with cheap price if you’re going to buy Canva pro version for $119.99, you have to read that first to save $100.

Canva student account license is available in Canva website with the price $119.99 for year, but Zone1on is selling Canva student account for 1 year subscription and pay only $5 this is a limited offer try not to miss it or subscribe in the monthly plan for only $1.

You are lucky!! Start 2023 with a free 1-month subscription in Canva student account and I will tell you how in a pretty easy 2 steps without any payments.

1- Signup and you will get $1 as a gift

2- Go to store and find Canva pro student account subscription.

3- Choose 1 Month Subscription and pay the $1 from your wallet on Zone1on.

Congratulations your new premium account if you are interested, share this information with your friends they will be happy too.
Canva pro account for free
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Canva pro license from Zone1on benefits

There is a many benefits to getting premium versions and buying tools from Zone1on for their clients, like the following benefits:

  • Support anytime for free.
  • 14 days Money-back guarantee.
  • Fast delivery.
  • Competitive price.
  • After selling support.
  • Instructors by order to learn any section in the Marketing field.

Other tools that Zone1on provide for content creation

We provide also, invideo pro account with a competitive price.

There are more free tools at zone1on for digital marketers and content creators, like popular hashtags, plagiarism checker and Adsense calculator.

If you want to try any service or program before purchase feel free to fill this form for a free trial and get the chance to try it before purchase.

Payments accepted

You can pay with the PayPal method or visa or MasterCard.

How to pay for canva pro account with visa or MasterCard?

Add product to cart > Check out > click on process to check out > you will find pay with visa or MasterCard.

All payments are completely safe by using the PayPal method and guaranteed due to their eligibility.

Zone1on is a friendly website that likes to be connected with our followers so feel free to contact us on social or by email: [email protected]

Canva pro student account guarantee

  • Private student account.
  • Only you who have access to the account by your Email.
  • You can return the account after purchase, before 14 days you will return 100% of your payments.
  • More than 14 days return is accepted, but you will return and refund 70% of the account price.
  • Support for any problems is available for all clients.
  • Free demo trial for free without payment.
  • Money-back guaranteed.
  • Payment method for once.
  • Support for a lifetime.
  • Also, get 15 coins ($1) Cashback for future purchases.

How to make a purchase for canvas pro account in cheap price?

It’s easy just go to the product page, add it to the cart and then check out. When you are checking out canva pro account there is a form to add a contact information like:

  • WhatsApp.
  • Telegram.
  • Email.
  • Skype.
  • Mobile number.

This contact information we don’t use for any marketing channels or anything else except support with you for our products.

To be able to ask a question by using your preferred contact information, for any problem or support. So, our customer support can help you if you are facing any problem with any product or service we provide.

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