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Join us as Partner and earn money online

You are welcome to join us as a partner and earn money online, we are working as a big team. so, we organize tasks for the more professional in this task.

Every field will be more deeply.

So you may be have a quize to know more about your professional skills.

To join us and earn money online from zone1on you don’t have to pay any thing.

Earning money Online

To Join us as a partener you have to choose one department of the following tasks:

Content write

If you are skilled in written content for one of the following:

  • Creative posts.
  • Blogs.
  • Website writting.
  • Video script.
  • Creative idea for social media and email marketing.

Please apply in the next form.


If you are skilled in designing and have a good intensity in the following field:

  • Ui Design.
  • Ux Design
  • Ui/Ux Design.
  • Creative design.
  • Email themplates design.
  • Logo creative design.
  • Vector design.

Pleas apply in the next form and join us.


If you skilled in any field of programming please take a forward step and apply in the next field.


Have skills in Sales, Marketing or influncer / blogger.

join us now and earn money for promoting Zone1on or to reffer one of your friends.

Join us polices

  1. To join us and earn money you will be responsible to finish any task given in the specified time, any late deliver will deduct from 50-100%.
  2. You have to organize your active time with your account manager.
  3. If you have any problem or case go to managerial of the department immediately and try to not do bad in work to be away from loses money or your partener access.
  4. Never share any information with anyone out of your specified team.
  5. To be an active partener tou have to sign or accept for the contract.
  6. Any excuses or cases or problems in tasks ask your account manager directly or the support.
  7. Keep honest in your skills and experience to reduce any cases, we will give you a task in your skills level, Also we will help you to improve your skills.
  8. Any amount or payments are saved and able to withdrawal in the date you specify in contract.
  9. Earning money and bonus from your working rate, we rate your work by production, creativity, smart and proficienty.

Work process as a partner

You will join a private group and we will share task, you will get notification to your device or email notification.

If you are available at this time you will be able to choose the task to start working on.

Tasks and earning

Every task is hared is containing the following:

  • Task title.
  • Dead line.
  • Task description.
  • How many coins for the task.

Earning coins and how much is coins?

Every 15c. = 1$ and every 5$ you can withdraw when asking.

When you sign up or login you will find your menu as shown at the next picture.


You can go to your account by click on my account, at this page

You will find withdraw button at your account page.


How can I withdrawl my money?

You can withdrawal by using one of the following payment systems:
1- PayPal.
2- Pioneer.
3- IBAN number and bank transfer.
4- Local payment solutions, depends on your country.

How Zone1on rate my work?

We rate your works by calculating your smart tools degree, time to finish tasks, productivity and Improvement.
All of this data are compared between you and other parteners to choose the most rated parteners and give everyone a bonus like he deserve.
About payments of the tasks it depends on task time, tools, skills and ability to done in the write time.(Deadline order after 24 hours you will get more payments to done this task, You or one of our team)

How much earn starts from?

payments starts from 1$ until 600$ and more.

How can I work in Refferal program?

If you have sales, marketing or influncer/ blogger platform, you can get a coupon and materials to promote Zone1on to your relations, Customers, family, friends or followers.
Which will use this coupon in time or later your paymrnts are saved here.

How much I get from Refferal program?

You will get 5$ for everyone you invited to use Zone1on for digital marketing services, Also he will get a coupon for 10% discount.
If you have more than 10 conversions your commision will be increased by 20% for the next users.
And still your commision growth with every 1000% more conversions, increase in c9mmision by 20%.

Should there are any responsibility to leave my place?

Of course No, Your work is online you can be connected with our team by using the connected platform or drive only, Just you send and recieve, Information, Materials, instructions and tasks online without any ask to responsibility to visit us or to leave your place.

What is the time schedule for parteners?

For refferals there is no schedule for time.
But for other parteners you have to manage tour time by every week and your account manager will discuss and explain this for you.
Also we will help you to manage your time for tasks and work.

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