How to calculate CTR

How to calculate CTR

How to calculate CTR? If you’re dealing with digital advertising either as an advertiser or as a publisher, you’ve surely noticed a term called CTR and usually, the percentages you include in it are variable percentages.

It is an important factor for both the publisher and the advertiser alike, and it is frequently determined by the intermediary platform between them, while you can calculate it yourself, but the process remains the task of the algorithms, ad platforms, tracking tools, and measurement of the performance of the ads.

How to calculate CTR?

  •  Click-through rate (CTR) = number of clicks/number of times the ad, page, or item was viewed.
  • CTR (Percentage) = Clicks times 100 divided by the number of times the ad, page, or item was viewed.
  • So for example: How to calculate CTR? If 100 people see an ad on your website, if 5 of them click on the ad, your CTR will be 5 percent.
  •  Using the PPC model, the higher the click-through rate, the more profit your site will bring to you. On the other hand, the higher the CTR for the advertiser, the more results he will get and appear better compared to competitors.
  • This method of calculation is the main one and is generally used in various platforms and cases, but for better accuracy, other factors must be entered depending on the case you are dealing with.

Calculate AdSense revenue by CTR, Page views (Or Estimated page views) and Click revenue.

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The meaning of CTR simply:

This term is an acronym for Click-Through Rate, which in Arabic means click-through rate or click-through rate, and it means the number of clicks on an ad or button divided by the number of times the ad or button or page is viewed.

CTR is the relationship between impressions and clicks: out of the number of times your ad or search result is shown to a visitor, the number of times users click on it, this is the best answer to the question of How to calculate CTR?.

Basically, click rate is the number of times an ad is clicked divided by the number of times the page, ad unit, or button we’re talking about is viewed.

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While the application of the previous equation works with good efficiency, when you deal with Google ads as an advertiser, especially in search results, and you have a site that relies on visits from this search engine, in this case, the method of calculation is different.

Calculate the percentage of clicks
Basically, we’re trying to determine how well our business is providing for a particular keyword, so we’re trying to calculate the percentage of clicks we’ve received for that keyword from both paid and organic results, as it correlates with total search volume over a given time period, we can name our metric Effective CTR and define it at as follows:

  • Effective CTR = (Free Clicks + Paid Clicks) / (Keyword Search Volume).
  • To find the number of free clicks you’ve received, you need to connect Google Analytics and Search Console.
  •  We then use the country as a secondary dimension and filter for the site we want, in this case, we found that our keyword got 294,012 clicks and 572,024 impressions.

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General CTR Calculator:

How many users click on the ads or on the landing page link, what is the click-through rate with the number of users? How to calculate CTR? The answers to these questions will be available if you calculate your CTR using this CTR Calculator tool.

CTR refers to the click-through rate, for the sales department, a high CTR is a good idea.

But as a publisher showing AdSense ads, you need to control your CTR in a range that is usually less than 10%, if it goes higher than that it will actually threaten your account.

If you are a commission marketer, you need to raise the CTR and thus push readers and visitors to take action, whether by visiting the purchase page or registering in the mailing list.

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