How to calculate Admob revenue

How to calculate Admob revenue

How to calculate AdMob revenue? Google AdMob is a mobile advertising service operated by Google. You should know that we use Google AdSense to place ads on websites and YouTube videos, the same way AdMob is used to place ads in mobile applications.

Many people are wondering how app developer earns because we get different types of apps absolutely free on Google Play Store and Apple Store (Limited Free App). Let me tell you that most app developers resort to ads to make money from their apps.

Google AdMob Ads for applications

Google AdMob is the best mobile advertising network because it can make a lot of money. If you are also developing apps, you can earn some money by placing Google AdMob ads, it is available for both Android and iOS.

Other information about AdMob

Apple also showed interest in buying AdMob, but Google bought it after paying a huge amount.

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How does Google AdMob work?

Google AdMob is a platform for mobile advertising, suppose you have developed or created an application, and you want to promote it and reach people through ads, as an advertiser you will pay money to Google to promote your application through advertising, Google will display your ads on many applications and platforms.

Google will keep a portion of the money you will pay for promotion and give a portion to the app developer who displays your ads on their app.

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How to sign up for an AdMob account?

To find out Calculate AdMob Revenue and how to register in AdMob as follows:

  • First, go to the official website of AdMob.
  •  After going to the AdMob website, click on “Register” in the right corner or login if you are already have an account.
  • Register now by entering your Google email and password.
  •  The next page will open, where you have to fill in your details.
  •  Choose the country.
  •  Select the billing currency.
  •  After that, a new page will open, accepting the terms and conditions.
  • Then click on create an account, after that, a new page will open where you have to mark all and then click on continue to AdMob.
  •  Now you have to verify the email by opening your email, an email will be sent by Google AdMob indicating that the AdMob account has been created successfully.
  • After account creation, you can add your application for review to add the AdMob advertising API to your app.

How to calculate AdMob revenue?

The answer to the Calculate AdMob Revenue question depends on several factors.

The ads you add to your app generate revenue per thousand impressions and clicks to Calculate AdMob revenue. However, the net income you will earn will vary based on many factors. Among them, ad units are the most decisive factor.

Ad clicks will earn you a direct amount of money, but this money varies depending on the company that posted the ad in your app. Company X may offer 0.10 cents to click and download their ad, while Company Y may offer $2 in the same situation.

But, the most stable way to calculate your AdMob revenue to visit your dashboard on AdMob and calculate your expected revenue by using 3 factors:

  • CTR Click-through rate.
  • Ad views. (Impressions)
  • Ad click revenue. (CPC)

And then expected revenue is equal = (CPC x Impression x CTR) / 100


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How to earn money from AdMob

  1. You can Calculate AdMob Revenue by following these methods.
  2. If you want to earn from AdMob, you must have an AdMob account first.
  3. You must have your own app, you can develop an android app from an app developer for example app yet, or if you have knowledge in app development, you can develop the app by yourself.
  4. In this application, you can easily earn money by creating an ad unit by going to your AdMob account and adding this ad unit within the application, and then uploading the application to the App Play Store or another store.
  5.  When someone downloads your app from the Play Store, they will be shown ads, and you will earn income when they click on that ad or earn from every thousand impressions.
  6.  The more apps you download, the more you earn from AdMob.
  7. To upload your app to the Google Play Store, you need to create an account and pay $25 one-time.
  8. After that, you can upload your app to the Play Store.

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