What is Canva and how to use

Searching for Canva and how to use then you are a designer or digital marketer, Canva is a website and application which provide a platform for social media, printing and covers designs.

Canva is very useful for social media work, content writers, designers but not professionally like adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, It helps you by using artificial intelligence in design.

You can make by using Canva short videos, photo design and photo editing.

We will discuss how to use for every one of them.

Canva for designs

You have to log in or sign up first as free account to try and learn it deeply, when you feel it’s useful, and you are interested to upgrade your subscribe to premium visit our store and buy Canva pro for cheap price.

Designing by Canva

After you are in Canva application or website, choose the Canva size you want, like explained in the next photo.

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It’s providing for you every Canva size you may want like social media different photo size posts, stories and YouTube thumbnail.

You will find some ready templates and can also start a blank one easily.

After you open your design template, you will find the next items in the sidebar:
– Photos: some photos without copy rights and able to use and share from different platforms.

– uploads: You can upload your elements, images, icons and videos from your device like branding items or special illustrations from any website like Free pick.

– elements: here you will find all icons and vectors that may help you to make something awesome motion or fixed the two options are available.

– background

– videos

– Gallery

– text: text section is really awesome a lot of fonts but in pro version, options to make text curve or shadow and all this professional options.

And for every image or element you can control effects, colors and size.

Artificial intelligence will help you to fix alignment and white space of the design.

Also, it’s helpful for logo design.

Short Video design by Canva

Canva pro version is better than free plan providing a big gallery for videos and animated vectors.

Easy to make social media story short video in just minutes.

Photo editing by Canva application

There are a lot of applications to edit photos, but Canva have a big gallery of effects, easy to upload and easy download in different file type.

Canva download file type:
– MP4

You can also share your work with your team, but if you are using team pro plan.

You can increase your gallery of photos, vectors and illustrations by using Free pick free plan or Free pick premium account.

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