Example for content marketing

Content Marketing example

Content marketing is a wide range of tools, skills, and platforms also It is divided into several approaches, including email marketing, SEO, social media and advertising.

So, if you have a product or service to sell you must need content marketing in digital platforms if you are planning to hack growth in digital.

If you are an old or entrepreneur, The digital marketing is one of the most useful role in any business.

Example for Content marketing strategy

Content marketing is to use digital platforms to send a message every day or every week, about what they want to know like success, the value you give, and what your customer said about you for example.

This will make all interested consumers around your brand, to be at the first step of the sales or sales funnel.

That’s the target of content marketing strategy, to reach every day more interested to follow by Email, Social media, and notification followers (website).

That’s if we guess that the funnel starts from information or articles to lead them to a near step then the second visit and interested then the next steps is to make a purchase or to recommend your service or product to someone else who needs it.

The benfits of content marketing


What that you gain after getting followers and lead visits? You gained:

  • More trusted.
  • Loyalty for customers that already bought.
  • More expanded on your field.
  • Always available on any platform like just google search and social media.
  • Your strengths are published to interested followers.
  • Also, you will gain expensive reports that will be useful at any new strategy you planning for.

Input to get these results (sources)

  • Strategy for 6 months at least.
  • Content creation.
    • Designs.
    • Videos.
    • Copywriting.
    • Creative ideas.
  • Research and analyses.
  • Committed publishes.
  • Public Relations.
  • Search engine optimization.
  • Ui/Ux designs for websites, applications, and landing pages.

That’s the inputs to get successful content marketing as you know in every point need responsibilities and experience degree.

Steps for content marketing


Content marketing taking a big coverage of sources to describe content marketing steps

  1. Organize your data about your brand SWOT analysis for inbound and outbound.
  2. Start your platforms if you don’t have one.
  3. Design a sales funnel in digital if it’s able.
  4. Make a content plan for a month at least which contains the target.
  5. Collecting digital marketing data by using SEMrush for example which includes the following data:
    • Social Media.
    • Search engines.
    • Collecting data from Digital tools.
  6. Make a plan for one month.
  7. Prepare the content that you need and make sure it’s the same to save time.
  8. Schedule the content after a good revision.
  9. Follow-up reactions to make sure everything goes as expected.

The reasons of risk in content marketing.

  1. Not understanding the customer most important benefits theat he looking for.
  2. Wrong time for publishing.
  3. Lost trend opportunities and seasons, So you have to follow trendy popular hashtags for example.
  4. To not follow the 7 rights of publishing in social media.
  5. Leaning on weak reports at the analysis of data.
  6. Unprofessional content or strategy.

So, the research and reports can make a big difference if it’s perfect.

And the executive should be professional to guarantee success for your campaign, also, use advertising it’s very helpful if you used it right.

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