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5 ways to share a link on Instagram

Many people asking how to share a link on Instagram? There are some resources and limited to add a link in Instagram post or story or profile, maybe You cannot share a link in post or in a comment, which make a problem for some marketers and making it difficult to get more traffic in your website or to lead to register form.

I will show you some resources to add a link generates traffic and interested people to your link if it’s website or sign-up form.

The most known resource is to add one link to Bio at Instagram, but you can add a profile of links in one link which can distribute any one click on link to a landing page contains many links to social profiles, Email, Behance, YouTube video or channel, Call and website link or more.

This landing page will take 5 minutes only to make it done by using bio link website, you can make a permalink by your name or brand name to make it easy.

For example: as you will see the logo and page design, and more than 5 links in one page.

2- Add link in Instagram story

Many interested people in your shares and posts will open story for sure, So you can add a link to story by clicking on “link button” when you are adding story.

Share link at instagram story

But it’s maybe available in Facebook business suite, not available in Instagram application because it’s invisible for me at Instagram application.

I think there is many people they don’t know about it, but we are already explained, But there is many useful ways to get a high conversion.

When you share your story and link in influencer account, it will make your product popular and will help you to get more conversions.

Contact us if you are looking for influencers to share on Instagram.

In direct messages, you can add a link easily, but maybe it’s not useful for many people who need to visit the website direct without waiting.

Maybe it’s useful if you are using Instagram shop to sell products or services when someone asking you about your product for sale you can send him a link easily to make a purchase, when he is ready to purchase.

This advantage is available for brands and E-commerce businesses, you can activate it by using any E-commerce platform like Ecwid or Shopify or any other platform.

I will try soon to share how to add product with link on Instagram, and it’s shown at timeline easily.

Share a product link to instagram

As it shown in the photo, it’s able to share a product link to lead sales without advertising on Instagram.

5- Instagram advertising

If you are going to run advertising on Instagram you can easily add a link to make the funnel as you want and as it’s good to lead sales.

By the way Instagram advertising is very useful for sales specially products the number of posts engage on Instagram everyday average is 130 million engage, and there are 81% of users are looking for products and services for sale on Instagram.

A secret to reach more people on Instagram

  • Share at good time you can go back to insights to know which time is better to share, if it is possible you can schedule Instagram post or stories in a few easy steps.
  • Use potential hashtags you can get very good hashtags by using hashtag tool or research for them.
  • If you have a business, and you are not using Instagram you are missing a lot of consumers, If you don’t have time to do please contact us:
    • Ask for our portfolio and other projects.
    • Tell us about your target.
    • Add our team leader for social media as a role in Instagram account.
    • Receive the reports.

That was all about Instagram and how to share a link to lead more conversion and traffic, hope it was useful.

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