Social media engangment

How to increase social media CTR?

Asking for increased social media CTR or clicking on through means you need more interested people for your social posts or ads.

If your reach is organic or paid that makes a mini difference.

If you are asking for organic engagement and your reach is more than 77% or 90% of engagement so you have something wrong we will discuss the problem and then solve every problem in the next topics.

If your social media engagement is paid so it take different problem, and we will discuss this in the next topics.

Organic reach weak engangment

If you have weak engagement for organic reach then you are using content marketing and your followers are interested in your field.

Because, they was a day looking for iPhone accessories a day, So he is using iPhone mobile, which is now leaning on content marketing and hard to specifiey a narrow advertising using mobile brand like iPhone due to effects of ads on facebook and reporting after the last updates of iPhone iPhone.

weaknesses and reason of low engangment (Conversion)

The reason of your low engangment means two things the first you have to research market to know more about your marketing strategy and the second is to make some changes in your brand or in other meaning upgrade.

Research market and marketing strategy

Here you are gonna make some analytics to know more about marketing like competitor analyze, market analyze and SWOT analyze.

In every analyze there is some reports from different source, after that you will be able and have information to do the following:

  • Competitors weaknesses and strengths.
  • Client needs and what they are looking for.
  • Your status in market for weaknesses and strengths.
  • Take advantage of opportunities
  • How to avoid threats?.

Upgrade your branding

Any trademark or product have a expire time not specified how much or when, but it’s a fixed base in market, the expirecan follow this using your reports.

How to upgrade your branding for perfect conversion, the client need interest from you first, let clients looking to what you are doing to impress him, he will react and increase engangment, maybe he will encourage you to grow more if you are loyal to him.

But, you should do it in share media and content, Content Marketing increase revenue using social media and website in digital for more than internet 60 billion.

To get an opportunity for more clients, consumers and conversion or sales.

If you are using paid ads on social media it’s different if engangment or conversion is low.

Low engangment from paid ads

If engangment you have to look for your targeting, content and specific mission.

After that try to make it better, anything digital need always upgrade for social media due to the changes of policies, competition and user behavior.

That means you are in the right way but there is something not specified or make an opportunity to call to action.

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