Facebook ux design mistakes

Ux mistake in facebook

Finding in Ux design mistakes for facebook is a big massive problem may be some doesn’t care but this weaknesses drops a massive companies and trademarks.

And in the other side facebook massive team have no time to response for support messages, If they did it will be a big loss of time and money due to the massive count of users that may ask for help in every facebook applications.

Facebook Ux design mistakes

Have a mistakes is not something make facebook bad he did what he can do in the last years and he did awesome platform connecting you with another world with a lot of benefits.

But we will talk about Ux mistakes to increase your skills in Ux if you interested in.

Post writing in pop up using PC or Laptop

If you are using a computer to write a post in facebook you will have a problem with something.

If you clicked out of post pop up you will exit the post you are writing, may be it’s easier to someone want to exit, but hard for someone want to continue posting and publish.


So you have to use another platform to write social media content to never loss that you wrote.

When I found this when I was writing content for 300 words after 30 minutes of writing and finished just preparing some emojis and beutiful thing, So when I was revision.

I used scroll down but it’s wrong click out of pop up, then I losted 30 minutes work and content I wrote.

Facebook popup insert emoji mistake

There is another mistake if you going to put some emojis after writing content as I do, you have to copy and paste emoji, After put it in the end of the post because you cannot scroll up when emojis menu is opened.

Ways to fix this ux mistake

You know Facebook can easily fix this by one way from the following:

  • Ask before closing to save or discard.
  • Delete the out click close popup.

And many ways to fix.

Second Facebook UX mistake

The second mistake is in the settings of page in Facebook, If you have a Facebook page that you are an admin.

If tried to change name of the page, and there is error and you cannot change due to reason like you cannot change twice before 30 days or more.

When it gives you error there is a permalink at the word “Back to home” If you clicked it will convert you to homepage in browser out of Facebook application.

It seems like the link is Facebook.com/home , but I am using application it should reffer you to homepage of the application not out.

How to fix this ux mistake

To fix this problem not a hard step just change the link in application and let it in website.

The benefits of Facebook Ux design

As Facebook have a mistakes in ux design they have a lot of benefits which serve user professionally.

Like the upper menu in Facebook application that contains the section you are interested in like:

  • Videos
  • Games
  • Posts
  • Groups
  • Marketplace

All of this benefits serving the users to use social media to increase revenue you can reach what you think in front of your eyes.

If you have a page there are always promote word in front of your eyes under every post, and Facebook suggest promoting ads in every step for page owners.

Which push you to pay and promote your work.

Included Facebook many of benefits for the users and designed professionally ux by Garron Engstrom the Ux designer for facebook.

His work is awesome, I never deny that Facebook is the most perfect applications and websites in the world, but all this post is only for studying and improving your Ux skills.

Encourage your self and your colleagues to care about details, It’s Important in UX design.

Don’t forget to tell us about what you like and what you dislike in facebook application UX design?.

The next Ux post is about Massenger and other applications Ux mistakes.

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