types of Email Marketing

4 types of Email Marketing

Types of Email marketing to convert your leads, follow up with your leads and following up with clients, which gain +10% conversion or more in marketing.

If you are one of those who promote their products through the use of e-mails by sending one or more messages per week, then you will inevitably ask yourself a lot of questions about e-mail marketing tools, and in order to know what e-marketing plan is suitable for you, you must know what types of Email marketing are, and that what we’re gonna explain below.

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Welcoming emails

  • These are the messages that are used to welcome users, as statistics say that more than 50% of users are affected by welcome messages, through which they can clearly identify the company and its products.
  • The welcome message is the first step in forming a relationship between the consumer and the company, and these messages are characterized by being a friendly message, so most users tend to open them instead of any other message
  • You should know that welcoming 4 types of Email Marketing to create the first impression with the customer, so they must be well equipped

Send the latest news via email

Sending the latest developments and promoting new products via e-mail is very common, but some may make a mistake in this way as they continue to send a lot of e-mails at once to all users, which may cause them inconvenience, so it is better to divide your recipients into several categories and on the basis of which you send e-mail, the more appropriate 4 types of Email Marketing, the greater the turnout for your company, and many tools and platforms work to organize marketing messages so you can use them easily.

4 types of Email Marketing
4 types of Email Marketing

Seasonal advertising campaigns

This method is considered one of the most skilled methods of email marketing, because it requires technical and creative skills as well, as this idea depends on the following:

  • Choosing some times when the customer may receive the message and needs the product, for example, sending an email containing discounts on swimwear during the summer season.
  • Choosing the right timing with the right product and taking into account the target group of recipients to buy all leads to the success of your project, so we have to mention that this skill does not depend on sending an email only.

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Send custom messages

This feature is widely used with the help of one of the e-mail marketing platforms, by dividing everyone who receives marketing messages into categories according to their interests and whether they have purchased before or not, and this is done through automatic checking tools.

This method helps to assist each category in determining the products that you will purchase, and the customer will realize again and again that the marketing messages from that company are distinctive by 4 types of Email Marketing, so he will be encouraged to open the message and read it every time it is sent to him.

In the end, we know that promoting projects and companies is the most important step in success, for this reason, we had to show you some ways of promoting and marketing through the use of 4 types of Email Marketing.

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