Google search engine data leaks

Google search engine data leaks

All people around the world are aware of Google search data leaks and all the factors to reach the Google search engine’s first page are public.

Google search engine rank factors

Google search engine rank factors are public now of course google search engines will take action to change due to this accident at least SEO experts could recognize now how Google algorithms work.

Google search engine data is open now for download.

What happened with the Google search team caused this leak?

Google didn’t share any reasons for the leak of this document, but anyway, data has been shared which was a mistake by them specially when people has noticed how the search engine results.

The surprise of the top search engine ranking factors

SEO experts was surprised because the documents shows that the search engine factor for ranking was the CTR (click throw rate) not the reputable of sources as daily mail mentioned.

Other google search engine ranking factors

  • Mobile responsive and user experience.
  • High quality backlinks.
  • User location’s and latest traffic experience.
  • Page speed and bounce rate.

And so many other factors but the last mentioned 4 factors were the most common.

If you are an SEO expert level or know one send him this link or article to read it carefully.

Some of these factors may change in the future but covering these points while cause for sure ranking in first pages.

You have to use this information right and share helpful, reliable, and readable articles to gain user trust and good user experience feedback to reach this goal successfully.

Source: Google developer’s documentation on how Google search ranking systems work

This is the public documentation instead of the other exact how search engine works and how algorithms choose first results to appear in search engine.

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