Coursera premium pricing

Coursera premium account pricing

A Coursera premium account is a great added value for any person who seeks to improve his skills especially when it’s for a well price.

How much to own a Coursera premium account?

Could you believe that you can access Coursera Premium for 10.99$? which will let you get +7000 courses in different domains that will push your knowledge and skills to hit your goals.

Coursera premium account benefits

There are many benefits for Coursera courses that will for sure upgrade your skills to the next level.

  • +7000 courses for free.
  • Unlimited access to courses, certificates and exams for 1 year.
  • 365 guarantee.
  • 365 days of learning new skills and updating your current skills and knowledge for a very tiny price 10.99$ a cup of coffee price.
  • Use your own account even if you already have a free access account.

How to get coursera premium account for 10.99$?

We offer a 1-year account to join our team on Coursera which is private only you can access and use it to get certificates with your name.

Just make the order and get your account as soon as possible.

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Courses and routes you can get into be expert in a months

Accountant courses

Remotely Accountant candidates are needed these days, at Coursera premium you can get an accountant route and get certified from top universities as an expert accountant after you get into the course and pass the exam which we’ll help you for sure.

Machine learning and AI

There are many courses from IBM and different universities to build your knowledge and experience in the machine learning and AI field the most in-demand position to this day.

Web development

There are many different choices to start your role in web development learn the basics first and choose your route to start a full-stack role after that you can get a remote job or start your freelance career.

Application development

Another in-demand role you can learn and practice to be a good application developer and start your remote or freelance career.

Digital marketing

Communication skills

Entrepreneur skills

Learn new languages

Project management

A future vision: Coursera premium after 300 days

Imagine your position after 300 days from today while you get enrolled and finish more than 12-30 courses.

Could you imagine the value you have been getting when you paid 10.99$ before 300 days?

The price may change anytime and we do our best to update prices everywhere we publish about course account details.

For more info get in touch in live chat we are there 24/7 for your service.
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