Best Email marketing service providers

Best Email Marketing Service providers for 2021

Bulk email sending and design needs the best email marketing service provider of 2021 here is a list of best 9 email marketing service providers that have advantages to make them the best.

The use of email in promoting business is very common these days, especially since most of the business is done through mail, so the e-mail marketing service contributes greatly in the success of your project, through the following article we will provide the best tools to help you in digital marketing by email marketing.

By reading this article, you are looking to change the service provider if you are already have exciting contacts, So make sure you can import your contact successfully to never lose your data of contacts.

Email Marketing service providers

Here is a list of the best 9 email marketing service providers, the word of best is different between one to another but this list no one in the field doesn’t use one of these platforms.

1- constant contact

Constant Contact (3)

It is one of the largest and fastest growing email marketing services around the world as it is one of the easiest platforms to deal with, where you can manage lists of data and marketing and each account gives you the ability to arrange between emails and link with a different set of applications such as Facebook and giant ecommerce stores such as Shopify.

It’s have 2 plans, email and email plus.

You can also send a constant message to all users at once to increase the promotion, as the monthly subscription price for constant contact is around $20 after the 60-day free trial, and the email plus plan price is $45 monthly.

It’s providing unlimited emails for all Constant Contact plans, and sign up forms are able to design like email campaigns, Also you can by using Constant Contact to make shoppable landing pages at any plan email or email plus.

Able to integrate with CRM or store or website which make it easy to use for collecting contact data or export contacts, Also easy to lead sales by email marketing. Which make it the best for ecommerce email marketing.

2- SendinBlue


This platform is used by companies, as it is fast and reliable and has started to spread from Europe and is now the first in the European market. This platform is considered an easy way to prepare coordinated email messages and is suitable for non-experts in dealing with email marketing. The service also includes dealing with the WordPress platform, and this is what makes it distinct from other platforms.

It’s working very well with integration with Website builders like WordPress, ecommerce services providers like Shopify, also another tools like Google Analytics, Zapier, CRM, Sales force.

Easy tool for email automations which lead sales and following up with contacts easily without effort, just integrate sendinblue with your CRM, Zapier, Google Analytics and your website. It will lead your contacts from website and subscribers to CRM, and from CRM to sales and customers.

Also, If you are working internationally, it’s able to integrate with translation exchange.

3- Drip


Drip is considered one of the most common platforms as it deals with more than one e-commerce and digital marketing, and it also has great experience in sales, marketing program for this platform is considered one of the most experienced marketing programs, and is preferred by those who deal with WordPress and WooCommerce as it allows you to arrange your customers and target them to achieve the largest profit for you.

Drip provides you with the ability to chat and train online, and it also makes a profit schedule to guarantee you monthly earnings

All of these reasons made drip a unique platform for e-marketing, and this is compensated for in return, as its monthly subscription is about $49 after the free trial ends.

4- Convert kit


If you are a professional in dealing with email marketing, we advise you to go directly and use convert kit platform, as it will be easy to use for you and one of the most powerful marketing tools.

One of the most important marketing features of this platform is that it works on dividing the target group with marketing into several categories, including those who are interested in buying and those who have already purchased and other classifications, and the platform supports the possibility of automatic work in some tasks

The free version of the platform is about 14 days, after which the monthly subscription starts from $29, and you can get your money back within 30 days of purchase.

5- HubSpot


The platform HubSpot providing a very useful platform for Email Marketing and all Marketing and sales tools, Like CRM, Meeting booking, Automation Emails, and many advantages which make it very useful for any business today.

Also, it’s able to integrate with any website platform or integrate with many tools like Zapier.

6- Mailchimp

Mailchimp Email marketing service provider
Mailchimp is keeping its advantages as usual, easy platform to use to save your contact list and integrate with your ecommerce website or WordPress, Design signup forms (embed or landing page or pop up), Send designed Emails professionally.

Mailchimp providing its services for free for contact list less than 2000 Email or leads.

You Can easily import and export your contact list with a few steps.

7- Zoho Campaigns

Zoho campagins

It’s one of the rising marks from a time trying to provide something good in the software field, which is serving business in different industries, one of Zoho’s programs is Zoho Campaign which is providing email marketing services, to save contact lists, design sign up forms, design emails, campaign analytics and clicks with a very specified data.

Which will help you to lead more sales easily even if you have no experience, it’s very easy.

8- Get Response


One of the best services for email marketing automation and sales funnel professionally, it’s GetResponse providing a very useful platform to convert your leads to customers, and follow up with customers with very helpful tips.

Maybe it’s price is expensive more than other services, but it’s very professional email marketing services.

9- Aweber


Aweber providing its services in Email marketing from many years and continue with starter’s with free plan until he reaches it’s first 500 contacts which is an opportunity to start with Aweber for email marketing services, that includes drag and drop design for sign up forms and emails.

Which is the better Email marketing service provider?

You can choose your best plan by comparing them, For example if you will start a new website and have no contacts, you have to start with a free plan by using Aweber or MailChimp, take your time to test everyone to choose the better for the future.

In the end, we know very well the importance of digital marketing through the use of e-mail in promoting different businesses, so you have to make some calculations first about your project budget and then choose the best marketing method for you

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