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How to schedule twitter posts?

Asking about how to schedule a twitter post to publish posts and stories later for social media marketers, other social media platforms is providing this advantage like Facebook and Instagram.

Schedule post on Twitter

You can schedule posts easily by using Facebook business suite application, but this advantage isn’t available on Twitter except by using web, If you are using Twitter website to share or schedule your posts you can do it easily in a short step.

Schedule posts by using Twitter website

After you are going to share and already putted in your social media content and uploaded your design or video, you will click on the Calendar button as shown in the next picture.

Schedule post on twitter website by steps

After you click on Calendar button, there is a pop up will be shown to modify your schedule date and time, as shown in the next picture.

Modifiy schedule post on twitter

Make sure you enter the right time zone before publish, Because twitter post and scheduled tweets (posts) are not able to edit again.

Twitter is one of the most popular social platforms through which posting and advertising are carried out, as well as promoting many products and businesses, and many people have decided to use Twitter platform in recent times for different purposes, so it was our duty to clarify how an individual can schedule posts through Twitter accounts

We would like to point out an important thing; which is that you cannot schedule any post on your personal Twitter account by using the application itself, as this feature is only available through the Twitter site itself and not the application, but is there any way to schedule posts through the Twitter application?

Scheduling twitter posts using out source application

You can schedule tweet or posts easily by using a set of tools and applications that perform the task of scheduling. Lines below, we will show you the most prominent applications for scheduling posts

1) Hootsuite


The Hootsuite application helps you manage your different accounts on social networks and offers many useful features and services for business owners and companies, and one of its characteristics is also providing a service for scheduling posting in various social networks, including Twitter, you can write tweets and then schedule them at any future time through this service.

As for the payment plans of Hootsuite, the site offers a free subscription in addition to the paid subscription, and the scheduling feature is mainly found in the free version.

It just requires you to log in for free and then enjoy the services

2) buffer app

The buffer application services perform the same function in the excellent management of all social media accounts, including Twitter platform, and registration is completely free. If you want to get more services and features, you can subscribe to the paid version, and you can rely on it to schedule more than one account by linking them together, that’s all for a monthly subscription.

Also, it’s providing responsive application for social media management which is working at android mobile or IOS mobile phones.

3) Swello

This application Swello is distinguished by its specialization in only four social networks, because it is a platform that is often used in social media management to make it easy to control 4 social platforms which will help you to follow insights, schedule posts and analytics for reach and engagement which will save time and keep your performance up.

It’s a French application, also providing English language.

Very well application responsive and able to use for android and IOS.

4) twittimer

This service specializes in Twitter application in particular, as it is completely free and gives you the advantages of scheduling all your tweets as soon as you connect your Twitter account to it, and it also has an advantage that makes it an excellent scheduling tool, which is that it takes care of your future tweets, which you can conclude from its name, as the special agenda is pressed, you can use the application and then specify the time from it with ease, and you can also write the date yourself inside the date field.

It’s also able to be connected to 2 other social platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn.

How to use Scheduled twitter posts to increase reach and engagement?

Schedule advantage is useful for publishing in the right time which is the most of your followers are online you can know more about this right time by using Twitter analytics and look at impression and engagement rate this analysis will explain when your followers and reach are ready to take an action.

If you published everyday in different times, you will be able to know more about your reach, for example at the first of month I published tweet or post at 10 PM it’s reached 100 impression and engagement rate is 2.6, and the next day I published at 8 PM it reached 200 and engagement rate is 1%, make sure that if your goal to get followers publish at 8 PM, If your target is website click or media engagement publish at 10 PM.
There are tools also which maybe help you to do it better and in short time, subscribe newsletter to reach you later.

In the end of the article, we explained to you how to schedule posts using Twitter platform, clarifying the difference between scheduling posts using the application itself or scheduling through the help of sites and applications, and we explained how to use the schedule to achieve your target.

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