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QR Generator API for bulk qr generate

Generating bulk qr code element while not take time generate until 10 / 1 minute by using our qr generator api.

If you are looking for an integration to generate QR codes that leads to a link, or endpoint URL to make it easy for your application.

Development projects and applications that need QR code generator API

  • Shipping & Logistics: scan QR code to receive shipment, etc.
  • Student attendance: a QR code on student ID while making it easy for any machine to recognize.
  • Events: to recognize who pick the ticket.
  • Services.
  • Subscriptions: if customer has a wallet on your system he can use his market ID or QR code to access it on your market machine.

QR code generator Pricing

500 QR Code generated per month (Free access)

You can use this plan for free using Rapidapi you can use it if your usage is lower than 500 QR codes in a month.

If it’s necessary to exceed 500 or need any special endpoint with add-ons upgrade anytime.

500 – 15000 QR codes generated per month (3 other paid Plans)

This plan price is dynamic so it may change anytime reach the QR code generator RapidAPI to keep updated or contact us directly at our live support we are active.

Try to generate a QR code from our website

We integrated the API with a form on our website to assets with individuals to generate their QR codes you can try to generate one.

Instructions & FAQ

It’s a simple POST-type API endpoint that requires a URL and file type.

The response after sending a request is a URL that contains a file that is in the file type in the input for eg. svg file is returned you can read it using your preferred programming language.

You can access this URL returned from the post response for 2 days, so downloading this QR code on your machine will save you money.

Need to keep your generated QR codes saved on our side for more than 2 days?

It’s a possible thing you can ask for you will get a special endpoint for your purpose whatever you need, just ask for live support.

How many QR codes I can generate in 1 minute?

It’s a dynamic thing that leans on seasonal periods or many bulk QR codes that generates at this time.

Otherwise, we have to guarantee 2 – 5 (SVG) / 3 – 7 (PNG) QR codes generated per 1 minute.

Still, changes are dynamic get in touch to keep your contact for any changes or requests.

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