Earn money from Forex trade

Earn money from Forex trade

To earn money from forex trade for just 7 hours working time a day two days are off. Is a good business to make more income.

Earn money from forex stock trade

Many are thinking it is a high risk to invest in forex stocks but they know it’s highly profitable income.

Now we developed a tool that will avoid risk for you this tool predict forex stock prices and income to assist you in take a decision.

Forex trade AI tool

This bot will analyze market data and news to predict the close price after 1 day for example. To find out where the highest income trade with the lowest risk rate send it to you.

This AI tool is trying to find forex stock trade opportunities that have an income of more than 10% and it sometimes reaches 25% per trade income.

Forex trade earning using this AI tool income per day

You may earn from 10% – 40% per day depending on how many trades you joined.

But we make 40% daily in 1-day trades which is a highly profitable income for investing.

About AI tool that predict forex stock price

This AI tool is called pirate trade it’s available on telegram for now you can visit this bot and just send a message.

After you send a message to the bot it will add you to the user’s database as an agreed user to send you every time he finds an opportunity for investing in forex trade.

Forex stock price tool: Plans and pricing

There are only two types of plans free and pro we may add a VIP plan later.

The difference between free plan and pro plan:

The pro plan will allow you to receive trades that have an income of more than 15% but the free plan is limited to 15% income.

How to start in forex stock trade? step by step

  1. Join telegram bot Telegram @ Pirt_trader_bot
  2. To know how you receive data take a look at pirate trade and send him a message to receive a trades forecast.
  3. Make sure that this day is not Sunday or Saturday which is an off day no stock markets are available except in working time.
  4. Join the trading platform you prefer I suggest the Olymp trade platform and try a demo account to test this strategy it may take a few days.
  5. When you find this is profitable work makes your first deposit and start real earning.

Note: claim a free pirate trade pro plan for free by using NEW45 to subscribe to the Forex trade bot.

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