Generate QR Code

Generate QR Code

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Let’s start generating your link to lifetime QR code image for your printing materials or any other purpose.

QR Code Generator is a free tool from in order to provide +50 tools for content creators in 2023. They can use it for free for any purpose, including commercial purposes.

Generate QR Code
Generate QR Code

How to convert URL to QR Code for free online?

After you reached this page, You have to log in first to access QR Code generator tool, Then you will be able to generate your URL to QR Code for free online and download it.

You have 2 options to get your QR code that is generated by this tool, you can choose the SVG version or PNG, it’s up to you.

Get QR Code Generator API

We believe that the developers also is a content creation work, yes the developers can make content too, in a good way. To get QR Code Generator API if you are a developer, you can get it now from Rapid API website now for freemium plan.

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