Plugins for WordPress Email Marketing to manage your sign-up forms and subscribers lists in one place, There are many Plugins to manage your Email marketing on WordPress

Plugins for WordPress email marketing

Plugins for WordPress Email Marketing to manage your sign-up forms and subscribers lists in one place, There are many Plugins to manage your Email marketing on WordPress, but we have to talk about the best.

The WordPress platform is one of the largest business and e-commerce platforms, and this platform is highly developed, so you should be aware of all the additions and plugs that will help you a lot in promoting your project.

Best plugins for email marketing in WordPress

There are 5 Plugins that experts suggests to use for WordPress, that’s for some reasons like:

  • Fast response.
  • Easy to use to design landing pages, Emails and sign up forms.
  • Responsive for any devices.
  • Able and easy to import or export contact lists.
  • Have no bugs with popular plugins and themes.

That’s our meaning of the best Email Marketing plugin for WordPress or WooCommerce, So you can use it easily without effort and to avoid problems from untrusted plugins.

1- Mail poet

This tool is suitable for those who are using the WordPress platform for the first time or for those who are not experts in dealing with plugins, as it provides you with the ability to create a commercial email address from the first step and then prepare it using different templates with commercial interfaces.

The pricing plans for this are very distinctive, as they are based on the free plan mainly, so you don’t have to pay anything, and there is the paid plan, which enables you to deal with the WooCommerce platform, where prices start from $12 per month.

2- Sendinblue

Sendinblue WordPress plugin for email marketing

Sendinblue plugin is used very widely through the WordPress site, and it contributes greatly to promote your project via e-mail marketing, as it takes over the task of sending and arranging e-mail without causing you the trouble of having another party responsible for sending.

Sendinblue collects targeted email addresses for marketing, sends out updates and news if a new product becomes available, and sends welcoming messages if the user logs in for the first time.

The pricing plan for that service is divided into the free plan, which does not require any payments other than installing the plugin on the browser. As for the monthly subscription, it is about $9 per month, which includes many additional features and controls.

3- Mailchimp

MailChimp integration with wordpress for email marketing

You can use Mailchimp plugin to link your site with the famous Mailchimp marketing site, as this plugin works mainly on promoting and marketing through e-mails, as it informs you of all the developments about your site, for example, sending notifications about new users and those who have recently logged in your site.

If you want to use this feature, you have to activate a marketing plan for the company’s website. In fact, this service is not expensive or free, but only costs 10 dollars per month, or you can use it for free if your contact list is less than 2000 email.

The price plans for this service include the free plan, but it is very limited. Instead of that, you can buy the annual version for only $59.

4- Mailster

Using the Mailster plugin is the middle choice option between all the different plugins that are offered through the WordPress platform, as you can rely on it alone without installing another plugin to help it, and this plugin offers a lot of features in its free version.

As for, price plans for this plugin are considered very special, as it costs $59 for the site as a whole for a period of 6 months of organizing the site and managing your emails in all marketing and promoting skills.

Free Email Marketing plugins for WordPress

For free plugins to manage email lists, signup forms, subscribe and email marketing automation, you can use one of the following plugins.

1- hustle WP Plugin

Hustle W0 plugin

one of the best Plugins for WordPress email marketing that have many ready templates to redesign or to use it directly with a very beautiful UI design and responsive with all devices, Also it’s have a professional tools to hunt customers or interested people, like pop-up appears after 30 seconds in page specified or all pages, or all except excluded pages.

You have all rights to manage pop up terms.

It’s one of wpmudev plugins available for free and paid, you can upgrade for paid.

It’s able to integrate with Mailchimp, GetResponse, Zoho CRM, aweber, constant contact, and many email marketing services providers.

2- Mail Munch

one of the most easy and free Email Marketing WP plugins that can be integrated with your Mailchimp account and then contact list.

WordPress’ plugins are very useful for those who work on this platform permanently, and the proper use of these will greatly contribute in the growth and success of your project.

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