+60 languages online free Text to speech tool

Many people are looking for online free text-to-speech to convert their text to speech in more than 60 languages.

Zone1on developer Omar Ehab developed that tool as a digital solution for converting text to speech online for free and without limits.

Text to speak languages supported

– Afrikaans
– Arabic
– Bulgarian
– Bengali
– Bosnian
– Catalan
– Czech
– Welsh
– Danish
– German
– Greek
– English
– Esperanto
– Spanish
– Estonian
– Finnish
– French
– Gujarati
– Hindi
– Croatian
– Hungarian
– Armenian
– Indonesian
– Icelandic
– Italian
– Hebrew
– Japanese
– Javanese
– Khmer
– Kannada
– Korean
– Latin
– Latvian
– Macedonian
– Malay
– Malayalam
– Marathi
– Myanmar (Burmese)
– Nepali
– Dutch
– Norwegian
– Polish
– Portuguese
– Romanian
– Russian
– Sinhala
– Slovak
– Albanian
– Serbian
– Sundanese
– Swedish
– Swahili
– Tamil
– Telugu
– Thai
– Filipino
– Turkish
– Ukrainian
– Urdu
– Vietnamese
– Chinese
– Chinese (Mandarin/Taiwan)
– Chinese (Mandarin)

How to convert text to speech online for free?

Just go to the text-to-speech tool page from the following link:

Text to speech online

And then put your text and choose the language, then finally click on the convert button. After a short time, you will find the audio that you requested and below this audio, there is a button to download it for free.

Online text-to-speech tool for free without any limits

Yes, there are no limits to converting text to speech except the word count which is limited to 800 words for guests without accounts and 1500 words for signed-in accounts and our users.

This limit is for a meaningful purpose, to decrease the loading time of mp3 files while loading or converting text to speech.

Can I use text-to-speech tools for YouTube videos or business purposes?

The answer is yes you can use it for any purpose, and it’s allowed for YouTube videos and other social platforms also it didn’t recognize as CC if your content is unique.

Also, this tool will save you a lot of time and cost in recording or paying for another paid voice-over.

Can I get a text to speech widget for my website or integrate my application?

Yes, it is possible to ask for a widget or an app to integrate your app with text to speech tool. Contact us for this premium service for developers and websites owners.


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