Pirate trader

AI trade bot stock prediction: pirate trader

Nowadays our ai development team created a telegram bot that predicts stock prices for high-income trades in forex.

Which deserves a try to get 40% from Forex daily from invested assets.

Try AI trade bot prediction for free

Just follow the steps if you are new on Forex and do what you see it’s right if you are expert.

  • Send a message to Pirt_trader_bot.
  • Log in or register to a forex trade platform like Olymp trade.
  • Subscribe for a week for free while you use the NEW45 coupon from this page. Ai stock trading bot.
  • Get in your training in trading platforms and get trust on pirate trader bot to make sure you win daily and it’s profitable.
  • If it is profitable as expected subscribe with a plan weekly or monthly or annually.

How can I earn from ai bot trade prediction?

The bot is working all the time to find a profitable trade in stock after analyzing its real-time data and news to make sure that the stock price will rise by more than 10% for the pro plan.

Finally, send you a trade calculated with income of more than 10% to buy stock forex for example google stock while bot predict the close price after 1 day will be 125.70 and now open price us 121.69.

At this example you will get 16% income in one day so if you invest 100$ on this deal you will get 16$ plus more than 4 hot deals every day with profits more than 10%.

Trade bot risk study

Risk is one of the most something make people afraid to join something will it is maybe good.

We tested this AI Forex stock bot predictor results for more than 2 months after development and its accuracy is +90% and its risk rate is 1-5% per day lost from the stock price.

Explaining AI trade stock bot prediction: pirate trader

The pirate trader is a bot on Telegram who is working while the stock trade is open and on working days and these days are used to calculate your subscription time working days.

This bot is working hard to send you trades many times a day includes:

Screenshot 20230610 000557 Telegram
  • Trade duration 1d / 1h / 15m
  • Stock market name
  • Open price (fare price for now).
  • Expected close price.
  • The income per trade (+10% for premium and less for free plan).
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