Wallet terms and conditions

Zone1on is a content creation and content marketing tools and services provider, offering deposit option, for clients to top-up money in their account to make purchase anytime and to receive cashback or bonuses.

Which help us (Zone1on) to give clients advantages like the following:

  • Cashback. (Customers)
  • Bonus. (Customers)
  • Withdraw them. (Customers)
  • Referral commission to get paid for conversion from store and to be able to withdraw. (Referral)
  • Withdraw Client money in the wallet anytime by filling the following form: Withdraw. (Customers / Referrals users)

Terms and conditions

You can deposit any amount starting from $5, and any payments are saved to your wallet at Zone1on dashboard.

You can withdraw your money in wallet after top-up 1 Business days. (Customer)

Referral commission is able to withdraw after 45 days from it’s added to your payment. (Referrals)

Customer / affiliate can withdraw your money from wallet after 45 days from bonus receiving.

Transactions are accepted but limited between users, You can send money from your wallet to another customer or user, but after explaining the reason to assistant before making the transaction.

Partners is categorized as one of our team so, you can ask your account manager about your terms and conditions for payments and wallet.

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