WordPress website with free domain and SSL certificate


  • Get a WordPress website’s latest version with a self-host plan, free domain, and SSL certificate.
  • Read the description carefully.
  • for any, inquires don’t hesitate to ask an assistant.
  • Annually plan for 40$ and monthly plan for 4$.
  • Top-up your wallet to make purchases by contacting with assistance.
  • register to get your first 1$ on your wallet and get 4$ cashback after the annual purchase.
  • the Gift after purchase: referral link to earn money on your wallet when your traffic visits us, sign-up, or make a purchase.

want to own your WordPress website with a free domain and SSL certificate, don’t have experience in managing hosts or want to focus on WordPress website only.

here is your chance to get your WordPress website for now just buy this package and get the following:

  • The free domain name (.com, .net, etc) for 11$ cost.
  • Free SSL certificate which may cost you 9$.
  • hosting for your website with unlimited bandwidth and 5GB disk space. (+5GB for only 5$ in a year).
  • Receive installed and working WordPress website and receive instructions on how to use it.
  • ask our assistant any time for help or support.
  • all this plan is yours for 1 year with just paying 4$ monthly or 40$ instead of 48$ annually paid.
  • Join our WordPress websites owners community on slack and join us with discussions private or public.
  • Sell your website with us in the future.

The benefit of a WordPress website

  • You will focus on website pages, blogs, themes, and plugins only, you will save your time in managing the back end of the website.
  • If there is any task for the backend database or file manager we will do it for you.
  • you can ask for an FTP server username for your directory to access your website files.
  • All your data are safe with us and saved backup every 30 days you can ask for relaunch backup if there are any issues with the website.

Free domain and SSL certificate

After purchase sends us your domain name you are planning to purchase we will buy it for you with a maximum budget of 12$ if it’s price more than the limit you will pay the difference between domain price and 12$ budget.

Free SSL certificate

SSL will be installed on your website in less than 24 hours from purchase.

Hosting plan and WordPress website

hosting a website and installing a WordPress website is our task after receiving your order and may take less than 30 minutes from domain purchase.

you will get an invoice for the domain after purchase, and you can order to transfer the domain by paying the transferring coat which is 6$ only and may be changed due to the domain service provider.

instructions and addons

our awesome team is behind your projects for any help or service like the following:

  • Designing my landing pages is our pleasure to do that.
  • SEO and SEM campaigns.
  • advertising & Social media campaigns.
  • Free consultation for themes and plugins.
  • debugging.
  • Subdomain.
  • multi-language.
  • special function order addons (development section works).
  • premium official plugins for good prices.
  • Backup every week.

policies and refund

  • We don’t access your website even if you asked for and in this situation, you will create for us a username and password to access it.
  • Monthly payments are accepted but service may stop after 15 days from unpaid bills. (Your domain will still be with us and the hosting plan pay the bills before 3 months to guarantee that you don’t lose any data)
  • Return and refund if payments are annually we will deduct the used month’s bill and keep the others for you. (e.g: you bought from 3 months and paid the full annual bill 40$ in this situation you will get 30$ and we take 10$ for the 3 months).
  • For the monthly plan just tell us to return the website and there is no reduction due to monthly payments but tell us before 7 days of the plan end.


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