Windows 10 Home


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  • Guaranteed for 1 year.
  • Original product.
  • Return and refund is accepted.
  • IT Support as usual for all our customers for 24/7.
  • 64 bit / 32 bit Choose your Windows version in the suitable field.
  • Get $1 cashback to your wallet.
  • Windows Product Key.

(License) will be sent to your email after purchase or any other contact information you will add.

(e.g. Telegram user link, WhatsApp number or link, Any other contact link or information will receive a copy of Product Key so attention to information you enter to never send the key to the wrong person).

Activate Windows 10 Home with original product key license, just make the purchase and receive the product key and steps for how to activate your windows in pretty steps.

Windows 10 Pro

We provide also Windows 10 Pro activation key, and make sure for your windows type of Windows 10 Pro or Windows 10 Home.

And if you’re confused at this situation it’s okay, that’s our work of assistant to help our users and customers, just send us your inquire, and we will respond in short time.

How to activate windows 10 Home?

after you buy the product key from our website you will recieve a serial number for activation this number will allow you to activate windows 10 Home for more than 1 year or lifetime.

our assistant will follow up with you until you activate it.

Is it allowed to activate more than 1 device by using windows 10 home product key?

it is not able to work for more than 1 device. so you will be able to activate only one device per 1 product key.

but don’t worry if you have bulk devices you can get a hot deal for them just contact us to get this deal (a coupon for +5 product keys).

Is this product guaranteed?

yes it is guaranteed we will make sure it’s working and if not we are responsible to find a solution to make your windows activated legally and officially.


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