telegram bot development


  • Telegram bot development.
  • Make your idea real.
  • [Automation – Web Scraping – Customer Service – Support – API’s]
  • Revisions, editions, updates, support and Guarantee.
  • Send a Bot Token and get a responsive bot who know his mission.
  • We host your bot or self-host, both options are available.

About Telegram bot development service

provide your service or integrate your system with a smart Telegram bot that can talk to your clients to provide your service 24/7.

Integrations with Telegram bot

  • SQL databases.
  • Facebook and Instagram.
  • Email.
  • Website.
  • Web scraping.
  • APIs.
  • Surveys.
  • Sales and Marketing.
  • News and subscriptions.
  • Or Your diamond idea 💡.

Telegram bot hosting

we can host your bot, or you can host it yourself.

We guarantee that the bot is working properly if it is on our host or your own if you give us access by FTP user.

Telegram bot development service pricing

It leans on your order idea, and it’s time, but if you need a simple bot that will receive data and sort it in a database or forward it to any API or other service, it will cost you $50 only.

If you are ready to get this service, you will pay $5 as the first milestone.

Telegram bot development guarantee and support

You can ask support to fix any bugs that may occur in the future for free and make any add-ons in the future at a cheaper price.


You can return and refund if the work doesn’t meet your expectations, or ask for revisions and editions.

Question and Answer: Telegram Not Development.

You can add or ask that is in your mind now.

Can I access Bot messages and users? (Database data)

This data is confidential and allowed for the owner of this bot. So, you can ask for this data anytime or ask our team to integrate this data with any platform you want like: Website, Desktop Software, Google Sheets, APIs, etc.

Can I make an order to update my Telegram Bot script?

Yes, sure, you can make order to update the existed script for telegram bot to add a new functionality or to keep it in our safe hosts or to integrate with more applications and APIs or fixing bugs.

How much time should it take to make a new Telegram bot?

It leans on the functionality, but it will not take more than 1 week if it’s a medium project. Or a day if its simple automation.


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