IT help desk support

  • 24/7 touched.
  • A wide team of experts.
  • Smart solutions.
  • prices start from 0$.
  • Safe and guaranteed service.
  • Accomplish huge projects in a short time.
  • Money-back guarantee.
  • Original licenses and products for purchases inside service.
  • Assistant for support and guide for free.
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IT help desk support

Get technical support from an IT help desk specialist online with prices starting from 0$

If you are stacked or facing a problem go to the assistant and ask for IT support.

You must have an account on the website to start this service.

After you tell us about the problem that you are facing our IT help desk specialist will tell you the following:

– How much should it cost?
– How much time should it take?
– How we will fix it?

How do we remote your device if it’s necessary?

We use Any desk software which is available for windows, ubuntu, mac, mobile phones android, or iOS.

Any desk is safe software that guarantees not to transfer data between both concerted devices from our side and yours. (Make sure you disable transferring files)

You can see every step our IT support is taking by using your device.

How to get help desk service?

– contact the assistant and tell them about the problem that you are facing.
– Assistant will forward this to the IT department to find someone who can help with this.
– They will tell you about cost, time and requirements.
– Our IT support may ask some questions to find the problem or to solve it to your needs.
– You will pay when IT support asks for it.
– Then start fixing this problem.
– Finally in the end you will rate the solution and the IT help desk service.

In some cases, we may not able to reach solid items outside the device like printers, scanners, and cables at this situation we will guide you step by step, and maybe we will be connected by using a video conference call.

What type of IT help desk services do we provide?

– Operating systems like windows, ubuntu, and mac os.
– Speed up your PC or laptop.
– Scanning viruses and fixing their problems.
– Connect and set up scanners and printers.
– Office Network setup and fixing its problems.
– Find solutions and easy software for your purpose.

And so on.

How do we work with the IT help desk support from our side?

– Every client has a portfolio with us including:
1- your business information.
2- most common problems.
3- operating system used and count of devices in office + network users data.
4- Network security rate.

From this data, we keep about customers we can know what he needs to keep work going perfectly and how to improve it more and more.

Why did you choose zone1on IT help desk service?

– a wide team of experts.
– 24/7 touched.
– Prices start from 0$
– a wide database of problems and solutions recommended by the most rated.
– Smart solutions and original licenses products.
– Guaranteed service and able to return and refund for purchases inside support.
– step by step with advice and guidance.
– Easy link to reach us anytime from any device.

IT help desk responsibilities

– Fix problems and find smart solutions.
– Saving work time.
– Fast help and support.
– Network knowledge.
– Operating system knowledge.
– Security knowledge.
– Encryption knowledge.
If you are an IT help desk specialist and interested to join us come on and pass the test to start with us.


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