E-commerce android application


Try demo version before making order.

  • Receive APK file contains android E-commerce android application.
  • Designed specially for you.
  • Payment API as you choose.
  • Choose your design.
  • Ask edition for design.
  • Any bugs in application on us.
  • We try the application for you before delivering.
  • Admin Panel to add products and categories.
  • Add +1000 Products and categories.
  • For any inquiry, feel free to contact us.

E-commerce android application to lead more sales for your business, You have to know that E-commerce application will boost your sales by 20% more by the year.

E-commerce application

The application will be with a clear code for android to work properly and fast.

Designed by experts in UI/UX designers after you send your special order variables.

E-commerce application includes

  • API’s for map, Google login and sign up and also Facebook to login and sign up more faster which will boost your customers leads by 60% more.
  • Well designed page to never feel boring until customer is browsing your products.
  • Whishlist to add call to action to you E-commerce application.
  • Payment method API (PayPal or Stripe) as you choose.

How to make you E-commerce application order for android or IOS or both?

Easily you will pay $499.99 and then you will recieve a form to choose 2 options:

  1. To have a meeting with one of our sales to discuss about your application.
  2. To fill the form with all data you need and the form will be very clear and specified every thing at the application you want.

Can I attend a meeting first or send the form first before paying?

Of course, you can and we will keep the information about your application until you pay to start coding your E-commerce application.

How to contact us and recieve my application?

We own many channel for communication, but email is more better for business for delivering your application and to contact you.

Our Email that we will be connected with is: [email protected]

For questions and answers you can call our assistant by using the button in the bottom of every page in website and the assistant is 24/7 hours available.

Also, assistant have all information about your account and orders. So, it will help you alot to reach your point anytime.


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