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Copywriting for articles and blogs contains 500 – 1000 – 1500 Words, as your order also we provide blogs and articles for both languages English and Arabic.

  • You have to tell us about your target words.
  • Provide a link for your website or a brief about content.
  • Specify the count of words that you need for content.
  • Receive copywriting article or blog in Word file or any other program you specify.
  • Once you make a purchase from Zone1on store, you will have an account manager for help and assistant.
  • You have to enter your right contact email on the checkout form after you fill next form

For more details about copywriting articles and blogs, check the description below.

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Copywriting is one of the digital marketing sections, and it’s a specialist for writing content for websites and blogs. It should have some criteria to get a professional article.

Article features

The good article should be professional to impress the reader, attract visits and to achieve the goals of the publisher or publishing site. But Perfect work is more appreciated.
And in this case, we have to keep the following a checklist to save our criteria:

  • Optimized on-page (SEO) Search engine optimization.
  • Excellent in User experience and organized content for less bonus rate.
  • No writing mistakes, revised content for many times.
  • Human writing.
  • Good Language skills.
  • No plagiarism or rephrasing.

On-Page SEO for writing articles

Any website targeting to reach the first page on search engines or to reach a low position has to follow the Search engine optimization standards and the standards may be published in many contents on the internet to get surface knowledge.

But, you still need an SEO expert to reach your goals, in ranking in Google or Bing or any other search engine.

So, we have the SEO specialist that will minify and edit the content after the expert content writer finishes writing the article, to make sure that the article has a high value to get a good position at search engines, Specially Google the most used search engine today.

User experience in articles

This site is very important for your followers and readers, they should like what you provide and like reading that it’s leaning in two facts.

The first is your website like acceleration, coloring for text and background, and the font.

The other side is the written content is useful, easy to read clear words, clear language and the fewer words for big meaning.

Copywriting mistakes in articles

Mistakes in language or writing in alphabetic may cause a big loss for the viewer and search engine, and at any of them, it’s not acceptable in any content writing field because it offends the publisher.

Results of SEO Copywriting article or blog

SEO Copywriting
SEO Copywriting

The results are to improve your attendance at search engines and increase your traffic by more than 400% or to reach a high position at search engines for your target keywords.

That’s our job to hack the growth of companies, blogs websites, and our ambitious clients.


Arabic, English, French, Germany, Spanich

Words count

500 Words, 1000 Words, 1500 Words


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