Branding identity by A. Bob


  • The brand identity may take from 15 – 45 days.
  • You can pay in milestones.
  • Cost is variable and related to your needs.
  • You have unlimited editions if needed.
  • For payments, options and inquiries don’t hesitate to contact the assistant from the button below the page.
  • Refund and return are accepted in some cases.

A. Bob is a professional designer for branding identity corporate with us for professional designs.

Branding identity includes

A. Bob will design a brand identity that includes the following:

  • Logo.
  • Colors.
  • Typography.
  • Stationary.
  • Advertisements identity.
  • Social identity.
  • Packaging.

one of A. Bob’s related projects is a virtual brand identity which is called Boom and it’s a brand for energy drinks.


Take a tour of this sample to make a decision.

How much should it cost the branding identity?

the cost leans on the need of the branding identity some trademark industries need packaging and some don’t need packaging for example.

but, zone1on is offering a flexible order to choose from what branding identity includes.

Brand identity price list

  • Logo $190 includes (Colors & Typography)
  • Stationary +$300 includes ( 5 business cards (+$10 for 5:20 more – from 21:50 +$5) + 1 Official letter + Letters + Uniform or ID card design (+$25 for more).
  • Advertising identity is $50 per banner or design.
  • Social identity +$70 (social covers and introductions).
  • Packaging starts from $70 for (Bag – Box – another packaging like canes, etc.)

What after order or purchase?

we will contact you after purchase or you can connect with the assistant directly to know more about your needs and product or trademark.

You can ask for a meeting to give us a brief or you can send us a brief in a file at email [email protected] or send it to the assistant directly.

Have a question about service

it’s okay to contact us any time to take the right decision about branding identity, we are always available to answer questions and guide our users.

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